Muhbeen Hussain: A Selfish, Silly Little Boy

I want to compare a list of Rotherham people charged with offences during the recent right wing demo, with one of those attending the meeting where a bunch of old boys decided unilaterally that their community should boycott the Police.

My guess is there will a few matches… your information might help.

No one can question the Mirpuri’s concerns about racially inspired attacks and all decent Rotherham people understand and sympathise.

Yet my understanding is that the Police fairly promptly arrested and have started the due legal process for those suspected in the two most high profile cases; the serious beating up of a taxi driver and the killing of an innocent and well respected elderly gentleman. Well done them.

Normally one takes offence with the Police when they fail to deliver arrests.

So what we really know is that the boycott was called as an attempt to influence the course of justice, and get the 12 Rotherham Mirpuri arrested during the recent disturbances set free without charges. An old Akhtar trick, being pathetically replicated by Hussain, aka Mini-Asbo.

It failed, thanks be, and the 12 have been charged. Let justice prevail. Let a court decide.

Muhbeen Hussain has proven to have very poor political judgement, his so called boycott only added to racial tensions. It failed, and only angered a lot of good people from all communities.

It also exposed him as having no influence or clout, and indeed to have been patronised; patted on the head like a child, by kind words, but totally ignored by the Police and the MP. I’m certain both realise he is not what he claims or appears to be.

Hussain attempted to save izat by spinning the boycott withdrawal to appear a victory, as if he forced the Police’s hands by agreeing to…what? Nothing that wasn’t already planned. Sucker.

That it failed, shows his only real ability is self-publicity. Now he is chip papers.

Lastly, thanks to the police for sorting out  both right wing out of town thugs and our local variety of violent thicko’s. Not often that is said here, but praise where it is due.

Wil Ewart

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25 thoughts on “Muhbeen Hussain: A Selfish, Silly Little Boy

  1. I think your totally wrong about Muhbeen Hussian. I think he’s played a blinder. It was never about boycotting the Police or setting up a self vigilant force in Rotherham for the Pakistani. It was all about introducing himself to his constituents and presenting himself as their next potential leader.

    What he has done is re-enforce the notion, within the Pakistani communtiy about them being attack, by the other communities and the authorities. Where once they held great sway with the powers that be, even though there were only 3%. Everybody now realise that they abuse their position and then went on to exploit it, for their own selfish needs.

    He and his cronies, will constantly remind the Pakistani’s that they are being blamed for the CSE, that they are taking away our income, with changes to the Taxi’s. That Mosques , old folk and our women are being threaten and attack. They are watching our young men in schools, like we breeding new criminals. In fact their very religion and way of life is being question. He will point out that they could’ve stopped those marches, but didn’t. And look what he achieve with one letter, tons of publicity and the MP and Police, running around and appeasing him.

    In the absence of any other creditable leaders for this community, all that is happening is they are changing the old guard, with fresh faces. He may, in the eyes of some people have lost this one, but he will learn and he’ll be around for ages.


    • Agree with this particular “Anonymous”…it was all about getting Hussain himself some personal publicity. Nothing to do with making a significant contribution to race relations or anyone’s benefit other than his own.

      Even the egos on stilts called Asbo and Moofy realised they had to deliver hard benefits to their supporters. A license here, a bit of planning permission there, get the police to turn a blind eye or a house at low cost.

      Politics in Rotherham is a rather crude and blunt science, mainly based on delivering personal gains. Nowhere more so than for his gang of cronies for whom Politics is about pay back and pay off. So in Hussain’s case, what has he delivered and for whom?

      This boy is no Choudhry, and certainly no Jinnah.

      All he has done is force Police and Politicians to call his bluff, and revealed him as weak. oh yeah..he may get a couple of meetings out of them…but they can do meetings forever.

      Hussain delivered nothing. Only hardened up opinions on all sides of the community divide. In fact his “big publicity” approach made it impossible for anyone, least of all the Police to back down on the arrests. And hardened opinions don’t make for good business.

      Tell me who will trust him to do deals with, and which Political party will throw their weight behind him.

      No, he is a dead end. A cul de sac. A boy, hanging on to his caste
      izzat and the shirt tails of Moofy.



      • But you forget, it’s not about impressing the infidels, Kafirs, non believers etc, the other communities have always been beneath these people, that’s why they shit on other races. Hence the 1400+. He doesn’t care about Champion or this Harwin, they have always been there tools to achieve things. They play the game and delivered the votes. However those lowlife liberals sold their souls to these bastards.

        Just think what they really think about these people, utter contempt. Would you respect someone that allow others to shit on your own race, even worse, your own children. Muhbeen is a hero to his lot and that’s all that matters.


      • Anonymous…you keep missing the point..Muhbeens is actually a very small lot. Don’t confuse them with the majority, who are more likely to suffer from them and be badgered into compliance.

        Muhbeen has just cut himself off.


  2. Well its court day today for the gang of 8 and then the other 8 in a weeks time I wonder if he will be using his influence to make sure all eyes concentrate on the trial while the more influential Asains step out of the limelight … it me or do the press seem to only show pictures of the bloke in the wheelchair and that woman?


    • It will get adjourned again and they will get bail , the 2 kids who attacked the Asian guys in asda are on remand but that was a hate crime ……..


  3. Muhbeen is a nobody but a publicity seeker. Why give him the publicity?

    If there was a poll amongst the Pakistani heritage residents, overwhelming majority would respond “who is he?” when asked about Muhbeen.


    • Actually he’s been very successful in harbouring media attention, every time I switch on the TV and there is a items about abuse or some subject involving the Pakistani community in Rotherham, he’s the face I see. And he’s been very good at deflecting the blame from this said community and switching the coverage to other matters. In fact he’s almost making out the Pakistani community as victims and living in fear, for something that had nothing to do with them. Yes the usual spin it was a few, blah blah blah. Credit where credit is due, he’s good.


  4. I sense it is becoming quite clear that the anonymous in this post is Hussain or a close mate.

    Reminds of when Moofy used to write his own Wikipedia posts, praising who? Why himself of course….

    Hussain you have consigned yourself to a short lived political career.

    And Anonymous/Hussain, pray tell us, what do you stand for other than yourself…after all you have already proven the statements of partnership heralded on you web site to be rubbish.


    • May i just say I am not the above mention person, and have nothing but utter contempt for this man, his family, communtiy and what they stand for. However I do realise a truism in life, that is to beat evil, you must understand evil.

      Ask yourself how they were able to get away with these horrific crimes, somehow manage to avade the law , even though the law was aware of these crimes and at the same time convince the Council and the general public, that communtiy relations were harmonise in Rotherham.

      It was because they stuck together as a group, through think and thin. Somehow convince a bunch of lame dick hypocrites, who view there own self importance more worthy, than the people they were encharged to protect. From the Police officer, councillor, to official. All should’ve know better and should’ve stop them. But somehow a bunch of slimey, so call third world backward immigrants, ran rings around these people. What does it tell you about the White man in Rotherham, he’s thick, devided and doesn’t know how to protect himself or his children.

      If you can’t standup for your own why shouldn’t the Pakistani’s abuse you culture, community and children. It’s not as though they really love you’s!!!


  5. I do not praise him he has been very crafty in how he diverts attention away from the perpetrators and made it look like everybody was racist and the three amigos and police fell for it the truth is a long way from being given out to many people are still denying anything ever happened as I have said before who are still on an as yet a not fit for purpose council they try to hide to much at least have the nerve to admit your mistakes and work for your constituents


  6. Disagree with cleverness concept…to have power he has to do two things…

    1 make his supporters think he has power.
    2. Build some power within the establishment.

    Both are intertwined, in the sense that he has to deliver results. So think.

    If you are top policeman or politician…would you ever trust someone who goes to a boycott even when you’ve done your job? and whose power base seems to be 50 old blokes calling themselves “Muslim Youth.”

    From now on, every time he appears in the media I’m going to send the journalist a copy of that picture his 50 old bloke followers. Soon they’ll see he is a fraud.

    By the way Muhbeen, I’ve downloaded the pic. It will haunt you.



  7. What has been illuminated here is Muhbeen making fools of his own community. They are not stupid. They have no need of another ‘self imposed’ leader on the make. Jahangir, Mahroof and Shaukat have been quite enough already, time for new leadership that doesn’t just want to grow rich, at their communities expense?


  8. i’ve not read any concrete actions that have resulted from this boycott other than platitudes. i think he was pushed into ending the boycott so soon after the new arrests of cse and he probably thought, these arrests have come and it doesn’t look good if we’re boycotting!”. he’s enjoyed the attention and made a pr gaffe (vakas hussain is a pr media genius…….) by not accepting Sheffield star’s interview request. im not comfortable, as a british pakistani in rotherham, to have muhbeen as our public face and speaking for us all! funny how muhbeen goes conspiciously quiet in relation to cse arrests relating to family relatives saj/majid bostan.. wonder why…?


  9. Vakas and Muhbeen, have given us the opportunity to study this stunt, from beginning to end.
    It leaves us with the impression they didn’t realise this would be the case?
    The terrible two, have seriously miscalculated the effect, this might have in future on their political aspirations within the Labour Party?


  10. If the tone of the letter in the Advertiser Friday 13th November 2015 is a measure of the damage the boycott has done to alienate the 97% in Rotherham then Muhbeen has only worsened the way the Pakistani community is viewed in the town.

    The letter is balanced and I suspect it will resonate with a significant majority of individuals here in Rotherham and across the country.

    On one positive point, Muhbeen does make Homer Simpson look like Albert Einstein.


    • If the letter you are referring to is the one titled “Boycott diverted attention from the real issue”, then well I would hardly call it “balanced” – whatever you mean by that, assuming perhaps incorrectly that you were it’s author.
      Quoting from it:
      “Firstly, why should South Yorkshire Police worry that unelected Hussain, who tells us that he represents less than .01 per cent of the population of Rotherham, is boycotting them.”
      In 2012 the population of Rotherham was some 258,400 people, 0.01% of that is just 26. Does Muhby claim to represent 26 people? I would imagine that his close family is getting close to that number.

      “Secondly, what about the racist attacks made by the Pakistani community on 1,400 white girls and their families, which is a far cry from the miniscule 27 allegedly committed against the Islamic community. Statistically they have absolutely nothing to complain about.”
      Apart from the classic “what-about-ism”, and the confusion between the Pakistani and overall Muslim community, the writers only connection with statistics is his ability to spell the word.

      “As for Sarah Champion, this is a despicable way of keeping hold of the Pakistani vote, isn’t it? It’s about time she looked at the bigger picture of what they have done to OUR community here in Rotherham. They have destroyed it and made many of us fearful of walking our own streets! People of Rotherham, remember this at the next election”
      He clearly knows nothing about the selection process that installed Ms Champion as the Labour candidate for Rotherham.
      I can only assume that next time the author wants people to vote for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

      Personally I can’t stand young Muhby or any of the other self-serving members of his family.
      I wasn’t surprised when his boycott was strongly supported by the equally one-man’s-fantasy Ramadhan Foundation:



  11. I find the comments in rr’s letter astounding to say the least we have a council even with commissioners in place that still do NOT care about the people of the borough and use all sorts of methods to try and make people believe they are for them. Does he think it is correct when at meetings when asked questions by opposition councillors and already knowing the question the answer is i will give the answer in writing or i will get back to you on that, this is how they are reacting this is not democratic and as for Sarah Champion it must be something to be in a party who has a republican for a leader who appointed an aide who said that Lee Rigby was a legitimate target. We then come to the debt this council has approx. half a billion pounds some which dates back to the time when this was the west riding county council and are only paying of the interest at £29 million per year on top of facing cuts for the next four years also lets take into account the reports from ofsted concerning the inadequacies of two childrens homes run by this council who say they have changed, the cost of finding safe places for these children will add to the £17 million pounds already spent on childrens services because of the FAILURE of this council there are many other things that have not changed until the arrogance and national politics are removed from local politics we will still have to put up with this NOT fit for purpose council


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