Two Sheffield men charged with racially aggravated assault on 15-year-old boy

Two Sheffield men charged with racially aggravated assault on 15-year-old boy

Two Sheffield men have been charged after a racially aggravated assault in Rotherham.

On Tuesday, a 20-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy were verbally abused and assaulted outside Asda on Aldwarke Lane, Dalton, Rotherham.

Both suffered minor head injuries.

Lewis Michael Barker, aged 24, of North Hill Road, Parson Cross, Sheffield, and Frankie Gary Fitton, 21, of Lindsay Avenue, Parson Cross, have both been charged with racially aggravated assault.

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8 thoughts on “Two Sheffield men charged with racially aggravated assault on 15-year-old boy

  1. I’m wondering, all those 1400+ little white girls, that were raped, beaten, threaten, attack, adducted trafficked, etc etc, where they not racially aggravated crimes. Or is this only are the victim is Pakistani and they culprits are white?


      • @RR where the victims not underage white girls. Where the criminals not Pakistani. Where the victims not chosen because of their race. Where not raped, abused, threaten, etc, because of their race and age. Where all the crimes committed againist these said girls, not punishable. Where the girls rights not violated, by not punishing these criminals. Was the law equally applied, irrespective of Race,Creed, sexuality, Religion. Was the abuse that these said little White girls and subsequent treatment by the Authorities not discriminatory, because of the Race and Religion.



      • The following article is about hate crime as it relates to gender, but the general principle below also seems to apply to racially aggravated sexual offences

        “The purpose of hate crime law is to protect those groups which have historically experienced disproportionate levels of targeted abuse. The law is used, not only as recognition of the enhanced levels of harm that such incidents cause, but as an important source of state-expressed denunciation. The messages contained within hate incidents are, in turn, met with the symbolic messages of the law.”

        Consequently……no hate crime coverage for gender, or race

        “Despite the gendered nature of most forms of VAW, this area of legal and criminological scholarship has remained distant from another burgeoning policy domain – that of ‘hate crime’. This is a notable omission when we consider the targeted and often bias motives involved in such offences”.

        Hardly a satisfactory state of affairs given the seriousness and extent of the Rotherham model of grooming and extreme sexual violence, trafficking and pimping and the racial and religious hatred which underlies it. The message conveyed is that the state isn’t that bothered about the white British victims, and its disgraceful neglect and blind eye over the years would certainly seem to bear that out.

        Rotherham – November 2010

        “Razwan Razaq, 30: two counts of sexual activity with a child. 11 years. Umar Razaq, 24: sexual activity with a child. Four and a half years. Zafran Ramzan, 21: rape, two counts of sexual activity with a child. Nine years. Mohsin Khan, 21: sexual activity with a child. Four years. Adil Hussain, 20: sexual activity with a child. Four years. Sheffield Crown Court.
        Five “sexual predators” convicted of grooming three girls, two aged 13 and one 15, all under social services supervision, before using them for sex. Victims offered gifts, car rides, cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis. Sex took place in cars, bushes and play area of park. Khan, a mortgage adviser who drove a BMW and owned several properties, promised to treat a 13-year-old “like a princess”. Umar Razaq pulled the hair of 13-year-old and called her a “white bitch” when she tried to reject his attempt to strip her. Eight men charged, three cleared of all charges. Victim, 13, said: “They used to tell me they loved me and at the time I believed them. I was a little girl.”


        Mr Umar Razag’s offence which clearly was racially aggravated hardly appears to have attracted sufficient punishment. In any case racial aggravation should surely be imputed from the context we see generally where the victims are white British in the great majority, and the perpetrators in the group-gang context are Pakistanis. It seems beyond doubt that in this instance the native population is not getting any protection from these hate crime laws. A kind of reverse MacPherson’s rules applies, which might perhaps be termed Keir Starmer’s Law – the “progressive” Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) from 2008 to 2013.

        He got a safe Labour seat in 2015 for rendering various services to the Party, such as the sinister mass prosecution of Sun journalists which has fallen flat on its face, at great expense to the public purse and great damage to freedom of the press.

        The results of police operations have often been woeful and the sentences handed out shockingly, shamefully inadequate

        “September 2010: Preston
        Mohammed Moosa, 24: abduction, sexual activity with a child. Three years. Faisal Ghani, 25: abduction. 30-week suspended sentence. Preston Crown Court.
        Operation Deter, investigating child sexual exploitation involving girls and older men in Preston, handled 79 suspected cases between April and June last year. Moosa and Ghani groomed two girls aged 13 and 15 for several months after initially pulling up in car and befriending them. Took them for car rides and to rented flat used by different men with girls. One morning both girls collected and driven around Preston, then to Blackpool Travelodge. The 13-year-old was barefoot and in pyjamas. Group drank wine, vodka, whisky and smoked cannabis before Moosa had sex with younger girl, later found partially clothed, wrapped in duvet, when police raided hotel after tracing text message. Older girl later converted to Islam in order to be “seen as pure”.”


        3 years and 30 weeks suspended for abduction!

        Well done, “progressives”!

        Of course if it had been the case that gangs of white men had been going round grooming, raping, torturing, pimping and prostituting we would no doubt have had emergency legislation brought in to extend the hate crime laws to such heinous offences; with the likes of Starmer leading the charge.


  2. As predicted the racially aggravated and hate crime epithets are specifically reserved for white people. Copious foregrounding and framing to convince and mislead the general public, and omission and masking when in reverse.


  3. I can say from my very own experience that Pakistanis will play the race card in any kind of incident. Not long ago I was knocked off my bicycle by a lady of Pakistani heritage and as soon as the police arrived she made quite false accusations about the use of racist language. As soon as the attending officer heard the allegation he became far more interested in that than the original incident. Fortunately there was a third party witness who backed my version of events but the lady was free to make a false allegation without any consequences. It certainly dented my trust in the police’s impartiality.


  4. @Anon; absolutely normal practice for this filth! They have been allowed to get away with these actions for years and it’s time it was stopped. When will our politician learn that it is not the white British who are racist but the ethnic minorities, particularly the Muslims. I’m sure the use of the race card is taught in all mosques!


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