Keighley trial commences on Monday

Keighley trial commences on Monday

“Khalid Mahmood, 34, whose address has been given as Ashfield Prison, South Gloucestershire, is charged with five allegations of rape.

Yasser Kabir, 24, of Belgrave Road, Keighley; and Tauqueer Hussain, 23, of Belgrave Road, Keighley, both face four allegations of rape, while Nazir Khan, 23, of Buxton Street, Keighley, is charged with three allegations of rape.

Israr Ali, 19, of Devonshire Street West, Keighley; Mohammed Sardar, 18, of Bradford Street, Lawkholme, Keighley; Saqib Younis, 29, of Bradford Street, Lawkholme, Keighley; Bilal Ziarab, 20, of Sedgwick Close, Manningham, Bradford; Sufyan Ziarab, 22, of Kendal Mellor Court, Keighley; Zain Ali, 20, of Buxton Street, Keighley; and Faisal Khan, 27, of Buxton Street, Keighley; all face two allegations of rape.

Rohail Iqbal, 21, of Skipton Road, Beechcliffe, Keighley; Rohail Hussain, 18, of Hawk Street, Lawkholme, Keighley; and the 17-year-old youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, face one allegation of rape.

Taxi driver Mohammed Akram, 62, of Holker Street, Keighley, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of sexual activity with a child under 16.”


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