Vulnerable girl, 13, was sexually exploited by group of men and boys in Keighley, jury hears

Vulnerable girl, 13, was sexually exploited by group of men and boys in Keighley, jury hears

A SCHOOLGIRL was raped, threatened and assaulted by a group of men and boys who sexually exploited her over a 12 month period, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard today.

The vulnerable and unhappy child was 13 when the abuse began in 2011 while she was delivering drugs for a boy two years her senior, it is alleged.

Thirteen men and a youth of 17 deny a total of 27 offences of raping and sexually abusing the girl who was reported missing 71 times from her home in Keighley.

All but one defendant is accused of raping the child, who was violated in a disused underground car park at the former Keighley Police Station, behind the town’s library and in the grounds of Cliffe Castle and in Burgess Park, prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC told the jury.

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Keighley girl was raped by 14 men in 13 months, court hears

Thirteen men and a 17-year-old go on trial at Bradford crown court charged with a total of 28 sexual offences against girl when she was 13 and 14

A vulnerable girl known to police and social services was repeatedly raped by 14 different men and boys over a 13-month period, a court has heard.

The girl, who cannot be named, was introduced to the men when she was 12 by a young drug dealer in her home town of Keighley, West Yorkshire, Bradford crown court was told.

She claims he and his friends raped her when she was 13 and 14 in various locations across Keighley, including a disused underground car park where the men allegedly wrote their names and hers on the wall in graffiti.

Thirteen men and a 17-year-old youth went on trial on Tuesday charged with a total of 28 sexual offences. Some of the men laughed in the dock as the prosecution outlined the case against them, earning a rebuke from the judge.

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Schoolgirl ‘sexually abused by 15 Asian men’

A vulnerable young girl was repeatedly raped and abused as she was passed around a group of 15 Asian men, a court heard yesterday.

The white girl, who was aged 13 and 14 at the time of the assaults, was forced to engage in sexual activity with the men in Keighley, West Yorkshire, the court heard. She was repeatedly raped in encounters arranged by a violent drug dealer, the jury at Bradford Crown Court was told.

The court heard that the exploitation began after the girl told Arif Choudhury, who is not on trial, that she no longer wanted to deliver drugs for him.


Jury sworn in to try the case of 15 defendants accused of sexual offences involving underage teenage girl

Keighley trial commences on Monday

14 thoughts on “Vulnerable girl, 13, was sexually exploited by group of men and boys in Keighley, jury hears

  1. West Yorkshire Police statement , Operation Parsonage, 2004 ” We find no evidence of organised sexual exploitation ….. ”

    The West Yorkshire Police, headed by the CC politically correct idiot David Crompton ( now deceased ) were more concerned with obtaining convictions against the then BNP leader, Nick Griffin, than tacking muslim groomers in Keighley and Bradford.

    Whilst Crompton and his force of incompetents were spending time and money trying to convict Griffin ( failed twice in court ) , girls were being raped on his watch in Keighley and Bradford.
    The message sent out to the muslim groomers was ” carry on, we can’t stop you and we will pursue anyone who brings the issue of ethnicity into the public arena “.

    Crompton and hios force of degenerates were the ones who tried to halt the showing of the “Edge of the City” documentary when the issue of muslim grooming gangs fist came to media attention.

    And now we see that it is still happening . Why would that be ? is it because the West Yorkshire Police , like those of the South Yorkshire Police are incompetent or are just willing to allow white girls to be raped for the sake of good “community relations” ?
    I think we know the answer.


    • I do remember the controversy over that program, at the time I thought it was more to do with keeping community cohension, because of the BNP and the forthcoming election. We now know how low these Multiculturalists, Liberals, will stoop to protect their communtiy of gang rapists Pakistani friends. Just think, if they had stop it. We would’ve been further down the line and literally thousands tens of thousands of little white girls could’ve been saved. Them along with their friends are truly the lowest of the low.


      • Crompton was keen to appease the muslims after the Bradford riots so that they didn’t cause any more trouble. It was nothing to do with the elections – that was simply an excuse.
        The Griffin trial and the whole grooming scandal in that period was a classic example of how multicultural left-wing dogma corrupted insttitutions and brainwashed the minds of individuals…………. and continues to do so.


    • Is this Crompton related to South Yorkshire Chief Constable of the same name? Surprising how accurate the ‘hateful’ BNP were about all the things they said in this regard.
      The BBC played no minor role on the witch hunt of Griffin during the two failed attempts to prosecute him. It is my opinion that those who conspired against him, regarding the aspects of what he said about ‘grooming’ that turned out to be true should themselves face perversion of the course of justice charges.


      • It is truly amazing that the BBC, with all its resources and its constant claim to be the predominate news gathering organisation in the world, was unaware of this scandal, in its own backyard. But to be fair to it, almost all of the mainstream media, seem to have developed a collective silence on this subject. Just think, years ago, we were imprison into recieving our news from these people, thank god for the Internet.


  2. I love the way the Liberal, Left wing, Multiculturalists, have no explanations into how their misguided trust into the concept of one big happy family, has been throw back into their gullible faces. Even when their shallow friends, whom they still bend over backward to defend, despite the fact, everything they stand for. is in direct contradiction, into everything they believe.

    Even when they have been raping children on an industrial scale, and because of these kids race, they still have the gull to call people like Britain First or the EDL, racists and the ones causing the trouble. Never have a group of people been so blinded to their own stupidity. A stupidity which their friends have exploited.


  3. Why have the Prosecution mention this guys name, who got this child into this mess, but he’s not on trail, unless there’s a sting in the tail?


  4. The oldest defendant, Mohammed Akram, a 62-year-old taxi driver, is accused of having sex with the girl when she was 14. He was arrested when forensic analysts found his DNA on the girl’s underwear. He denies one charge of sexual activity with a child under 16………… How can he deny that ? Ask him how is DNA got where it did ….. TOTAL SCUM OF THE EARTH all of them.


    • Just watch the hearings at the Magistrates, on YouTube, where there was a angry crowd outside. Some of the defenders were laughing, their friends the Police we’re out in force. A lot of them had very nice Mercs, I wonder how the got those cars?


  5. Pictures of the defendants showed them smirking outside of the court this crass behavior continued with them laughing in the dock.

    From the Guardian coverage 10th November 2015:

    `Thirteen men and a 17-year-old youth went on trial on Tuesday charged with a total of 28 sexual offences. Some of the men laughed in the dock as the prosecution outlined the case against them, earning a rebuke from the judge`.

    This is a local, regional and national story; now wonder British Muslim Youth withdrew their boycott of the police, BMY are most definitely on the wrong side of public opinion on these alleged horrific crimes.

    Might be worth looking if these cars are from the proceeds of crimes and if so, crush them.


  6. Compare and contrast the headline with the way the suspects were described last week after the assault near ASDA and this latest extravaganza:
    1. Men and boys exploit vulnerable girl
    2. Two men have been charged with racially aggravated assault which police are treating as a hate crime


  7. Had the film “Edge of the City” by Anna Hall been given the wider coverage it deserved then many young, vulnerable white female victims would not have been groomed, abused and raped by well organized gangs of Pakistani Muslim pedophiles.
    The film was subject to state controlled censorship in order not to offend the minority Muslim community both here in Yorkshire and across the country.
    Ironic that the film was made in Bradford, it was before its time in exposing the criminality within the Muslim community.
    Anne Cryer former Labour MP was a lone voice amongst the politically correct Labour party establishment in exposing the evil within West Yorkshire,
    What did the Rotherham Labour area MPs, RMBC and SYP do?
    “Edge of the City” must be on every school timetable, forget upsetting minority groups who close ranks and protect their own, and inform children and parents on how to spot the warning signs, the criminals have not gone away.
    The boycott by Rotherham Muslim Youth is a classic example of how minority groups react when the spotlight shines their way.


    • Remember that film, My Asian Boyfriend that hasn’t been show yet. They even remade it and tried to eliminate the ethnic content out if it and make it out that all races committing these crimes. That’s how low these people are.


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