Jury hears evidence from girl allegedly raped by group of males in Keighley

Jury hears evidence from girl allegedly raped by group of males in Keighley

A JURY at Bradford Crown Court has begun hearing evidence from a girl allegedly raped by a group of males in Keighley when she was aged 13 and 14.

A series of interviews the teenager had with police officers was today being played in the packed courtroom where 13 men and a youth are on trial denying a total of 28 sexual offences.

The girl, aged 14 to 17 when the DVDs were recorded, said she was a virgin when a drug dealer called Arif Choudhury raped her in the grounds of a church in Keighley.



Vulnerable girl, 13, was sexually exploited by group of men and boys

Jury sworn in to try the case of 15 defendants accused of sexual offences involving underage teenage girl

Keighley trial commences on Monday

6 thoughts on “Jury hears evidence from girl allegedly raped by group of males in Keighley

  1. Could this be a Rubicon moment for the Rotherham Labour Party?

    Cllr Emma Hoddinott has posted the following on her Twitter account:

    Emma Hoddinott ‏@Emma_Hoddinott 6h6 hours ago
    Vulnerable schoolgirl 13, ‘exploited and raped by group of 13 Asian men’ –

    Our Rotherham MP Ms Champion leads with some football manager Tweet, says it all.

    Long overdue and I hope other politicians and community leaders follow her lead.

    The Tweet also has a link to the Daily Mirror article that shows the arrogance of two of the defendants.

    Just looked at the usual suspects in the Rotherham Labour Group nothing on their social media accounts.


    • I was about to reply “Did you try Jane Collins or Mike Hookam our MEPs twitter feeds? I’m sure they would be on top of it.” .

      But then it hit me that I would be trivialising what I have read and feel about that court case.
      What is coming out daily in that trial is so utterly sickening and horrifying it just shouldn’t be used as a vehicle for political point scoring.


      • It’s truly unbelievable what as happen to this little child, what’s getting me is the sheer arrogance of these people charged, laughing and making gestures? It is only a Polictical football because one party was in charge and did absolutely nothing to stop it, in fact they bent over backwards to cover it up.

        If Ms Hobbinott is now feeling sicken by all this, perhaps it’s guilt of being played a fool by the very people she and her party were protecting all this time. This is one little girls story, but there were thousands.


      • I can’t imagine that Cllr Emma Hoddinott was protecting anyone. But I insist this is not a time for political point scoring. When the trial is over we can look at why and who could have done better over all these years.


    • Not a rubicon moment, more like covering ones arse. Remember those lot from Rotherham are due in court any time, if you think what’s coming out with this one child is bad , imagine what’s going to come out those lot.


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