Mahroof turns up!

A postal contributor spotted Moofy, in Oldham!

Is that Moofy

‘Duck and dive’, indeed! Can anyone elaborate?

18 thoughts on “Mahroof turns up!

  1. Did you really think he was going away?

    Politics is the only vehicle that will give wealth and status to someone as lazy as Mahroof, and his self belief in his caste status means he has to be a seen as a leader, if only at village chief level. He has that self delusion of the higher caste, that means they will never soil themselves through the sweat of a hard days work.

    Check out his facebook page and the entry at ;

    Now let us be clear.. he has no sporting interests, skills or acumen, and only being associated with sports may provide him with a vote or a few sporting parlance he has two left feet, in politics he has two right wing inclinations.

    No, what he is trying to do is resurrect his failed political career via his biraderi contacts.

    Tme only will tell if Labour are corrupt enough to let him get away with it, and I fear they are.

    Wuff Wuff


    • The thing that is getting me, the Labour Party almost lost the neighbouring constituency recently to UKIP, where CSE was an issue. Surely they couldn’t be that stupid and be associated with a person who was blamed for the horror in Rotherham.


  2. See he’s using the Race card as a way back, serve him well in Rotherham all those years of denieing the Pakistani’s were raping the little white girls.


      • What utter nonsense!
        I have no time for MH, I have no idea why he was there, he has no obvious connection with FA London, but please don’t malign any aspect of FA London with “race cards”.
        You simply have no idea of what thy are or what they do.


      • You have hit it in one RR, what would a venerable organisation be doing allowing such riff raff through its doors. I wonder if they know his true history, that he was one of the contributory factors which allow 1400+ children to be raped and if they did would they have someone like that around. Of course he’s using the race card, he’ll be pretending to represent the Pakistani’s footballers. Funny he’s never shown any interest before, next were have Murbeen joining for Muslim Youth.


  3. I’d imagine he’s trying to look for new roles now that his Councilor days ended in shame. i’ve seen some rumblings that he is in doncaster at times, don’t know if that’s for his employment (dont know what he does) for an inclusion forum but no real details. i imagine he’s playing an advisorial role for muhbeen’s BMY with his contacts book..!


    • Shakoor Adalat (R-L 5th back row) has accompanied him.

      Part of British Muslim Youth and newly formed Rotherham Muslim Forum.
      Nothing new Moofys lap dog.


  4. Not so sure it is the Council in the strictest sense, I think it is St Leger Homes. Which is me splitting hairs a bit because really it is the Council disguised as a non profit to get around government requirements that Councils privatise management of what we all call Council Houses.

    Moofy got a job with them a few years ago. Don’t know how, as despite looking I never found a public advertisement for the post.

    Couldn’t have ben a fix could it?


  5. Ah yes- via

    His register of Interests dated 01/11/2012
    New Initiatives Manager – St Leger Homes of Doncaster (ALMO), St Leger Court, Doncaster
    Centrism Ltd – Director
    20 Broom Avenue, Rotherham
    36 Westgate
    78 Broom Road
    “The company was dormant during y/e 28.02.15” – according to its most recent published accounts.


  6. It seems Mahroof is at the Tell Mama event in Sheffield who BMY have close links with who of course is led by Mahroof’s protege Muhbeen so as he’s not a Councillor anymore, wonder how he got that speaking gig tonight…..


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