Rotherham: a case study in the laws of political mob dynamics

Rotherham: a case study in the laws of political mob dynamics

by Ian McKenzie

I recently wrote of my terror at the prospect of a mob in full flow. On Wednesday I witnessed one first hand. It wasn’t as terrifying as a gang of religious thugs stoning to death a gay man who’d had the temerity to survive being thrown from a seven-story building, but it was frightening in its own context nonetheless.

Seven decent, honourable people doing righteous public service for very little reward were hounded out of office in Rotherham, by a mob whipped up by a partial government report that has condemned the very people who had finally started to get a grip on the chaos and confusion that has hurt so many in that town.

Over the last 30 years, I suppose it’s possible I’ve met a braver politician with more integrity than Paul Lakin but I can’t recall one and I’ve shaken the hand of Nelson Mandela. If you think that’s hyperbole you’ve never had a friend who suffered sexual abuse from the age of eight and seen her shake uncontrollably at its mere recall many years later, or heard her scream out in her sleep, as I have. If you believe I don’t take sexual abuse seriously enough then stop reading now, I can’t help you and you will learn nothing here.

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12 thoughts on “Rotherham: a case study in the laws of political mob dynamics

  1. Regardless if Larkin was made a political scapegoat for the Rotherham horror show, he was present in the council for mant years and was in charge of Children services, the same as S Wright.. So he should’ve known what was going in and stop it. By associating with Maroof, one of the persons mention in the Jay report, which was indentified as being an obstacle to stopping this CSE, because of his misplaced ethnic senseitivies , thousands of children suffered unnecessary.

    Pity they were just hooded out, someone should’ve grab the bums by the scruff of their collars and fling them as far as possiable out of the council, even out of Rotherham. Total bastards for what they allow to happen to children and you want us to feel sorry for them!!!


  2. I’m intrigued at Rothpol’s motive in linking to this old article. Perhaps to show the extent of human capacity for delusion or to provide us with amusement? 7 decent and honourable people? He refers to the cabinet that included Mahroof Hussain!


  3. He says “I suppose it’s possible I’ve met a braver politician with more integrity than Paul Lakin but I can’t recall one and I’ve shaken the hand of Nelson Mandela”.

    Oh dear, the vino was definitely flowing the night he wrote that gem, even Lakin’s mum wouldn’t have said that about him.

    We should have a competition, write your own version,,,

    “I suppose it’s possible I’ve met a great pacifist than Asbo Akhtar, but I can’t recall one, and I cleaned the shoes of Ghandi!”

    “Maybe I’ve met a more honest person than Roger Stone, but I can’t remember one and I advised the Kray twins.”

    Says it all really, the writer was a hired hand employed by the Council to do what?

    Ummmmmm….say nice things about Paul Lakin.

    For my part “I suppose I may have met a greater writer that Wil Ewart, but I can’t remember one, and I lived next door to William Shakespeare.”

    Signed..Wil Ewart x


    • Anon, I think you may have misunderstood. I laughed at Wills comment as I agreed with him (and thus with you about the original article) I thought that was clear from my original comment. If you follow the link to the article I think I made derisory comments on it at the time it was published, though I can’t be bothered to check.


        • Thanks Anon. I did understand that but I assumed from the “sorry” that prefaced your message that you were criticising me. My mistake. Apologies


  4. T’was me RR that sent Rothpol the link to that unbelievable article.I thought it was funny, and I’ll glad others have enjoyed it.
    I don’t know who the author actually is, but he does seem to make a habit of getting things wrong vis;
    “I expect that Jeremy Corbyn will come last. A lot of people don’t agree. They include some pollsters who told us that a Tory majority was impossible in May 2015, and some bookies, including the one who had to pay me £450 because I thought a Tory majority wasn’t impossible but rather impossible to avoid.”


  5. In defence of publication. This piece was published to demonstrate the ‘culture of cover-up’ is embedded in Labour’s culture in Rotherham. It is this denial that is still current throughout Rotherham’s Labour Group that needs weeding out! Until then, all hope that Labour can once again recover any honour, is lost in an exercise in futility! ‘Not fit for purpose’, remember!


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