19 facing violent disorder charges, next week

Police News Update: 19 facing violent disorder charges, next week, in the Magistrates Court!

Nineteen men have been charged with violent disorder offences following planned arrests last month.

Fifteen men from Rotherham and four from West Yorkshire were charged on Monday 2 November in relation to offences said to have taken place in the Wellgate area of Rotherham on Saturday 5 September.

The offences are alleged to have occurred following a demonstration at about 4.30pm.

The following men have been charged with violent disorder:

Mahroof Sultan, 36, of Grosvenor Road, Eastwood
Mohammed Saleem, 43, of Mount Street, Rotherham
Haseeb Alam, 18, of Selwyn Street, Eastwood
Arshad Khan, 44, of Wellgate Mount, Rotherham
Abrar Javid, 37, of St Johns Road, Eastwood
Sadaqat Ali, 39, of Milton Road, Eastwood
Shaban Ditta, 31, of Cambridge Crescent, East Dene
Akaash Nazir, 21, Cow Rakes Lane, Whiston
Imran Iqbal, 29, Clough Road, Masbrough
Nasrum Rashid, 21, of Fraser Road, Broom
David Ashley Woodward, 47, of Church View, Sowerby Bridge
Andrew Thomas Gary Fox, 47, of Mount Avenue, Halifax
Dennis Farrell, 30, of Hunterhill Road, Halifax
Reece Mclaren, 20, of Darbyfields, Golcar, Huddersfield
Daniel Lee Luty, 19, of Redshank Road, Wath
Henry Mark Fisher, 20, of Rockingham Road, Swinton
John James Sheridan, 25, of Henly Way, Masbrough

A 17-year-old from Masbrough has also been charged with violent disorder.

Asif Zaman, 47, of Wellgate Mount, Rotherham has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

The men are due to appear before Rotherham Magistrates’ Court next week. Details of the appearance will be published closer to the time.

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19 thoughts on “19 facing violent disorder charges, next week

  1. The Court will decide whether or not these are the violent ones, however violence happened.

    Excuses heard so far for the Rotherham contingent who became violent include:

    1. They were provoked by the Police.

    2. A bottle was thrown at them by someone outside the Public House (this is countered by accusations that the Pub had been harassed the previous week by a vigilante group of Muslim youths who think they are spoiling the area.) Actually they do have the ugliest drunks in town.

    3. They were responding to the build up of tension and stress brought about by an increase in race related violence (presumably decided to let us have a bit more, just in case we’d missed it.)

    I have heard all these three being seriously touted by Labour Party members (I jest not) and getting a warm reception from some comrades. Obviously none can have undertaken even a basic analysis of the videos.

    4. British Muslim Youth hadn’t been in the newspapers for a week or to so and felt the media were discriminating against them.

    Wuff Wuff


  2. Is the law abiding rapists, feeling the pressure over CSE, now becoming thugs. Did they really feel they could get away it, as in the past. Look for the race card to be used in their defence.


  3. Comparisons could be made here with hooliganism seen in town centres on match days. There are many examples of men attacking pubs and participating in violent disorder which almost without fail results in custodial sentences. Many of these incidents do not involve fighting with police either so it will be interesting to see the outcome of this.


  4. “4. British Muslim Youth hadn’t been in the newspapers for a week or to so and felt the media were discriminating against them.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) 🙂


  5. So how will the magistrates see it ? Misguided youth of an under privileged minority which requires toleration…or immigrant unrest to be quashed at all costs??
    Or has the BMY already set the agenda for soft bellied magistrates in league with SYP?


  6. Why didn’t the opposers of the march just stay at home and say nothing. Or perhaps go to their mosques and pray for peace and justice for the abused children? Instead of objecting to British right – freedom of speech…


    • They wouldn’t go the mosque to prey for forgiveness about child abuse, because they still deny they committed any offences. The best thing they could’ve done was to completely ignore this’s march, allow Britain First to have their protest and after a couple of hours, they would’ve been gone. But they choose to oppose them, with the help of the anti racist brigade, whom never protested againist they same people for racially abusing children, and we’re looking to cause trouble.

      It seems anyone that protest againist these abusers is a racist or wrong for venting their opinions, but somehow they have the right to protest.


  7. An odious charecter was also present known as nazakant he claims to be an intellectual but is in fact a front man for his btother tariq also known as turkeys drug operation.he tried organising a meeting with alan billings and sarah champion before this one but wad shunned as he is a nobody.he frequents the side of saggy sagir alam watchout for this snake he has high hopes but is a selfish fake


  8. I think Anonymous 3 means the Muslim Defence League that’s has been around for some time and claims to be peaceful. The only people I’ve heard claim different are the people they were formed to defend Muslims against…


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