‘Misleading’ claim on most Rotherham CSE abusers being white wrongly included in report

‘Misleading’ claim on most Rotherham CSE abusers being white wrongly included in report

‘Misleading’ figures that claimed the majority of Rotherham child sexual exploitation offenders were white were wrongly included in a major report on the town’s plan to tackle abuse, it has been revealed.

A version of ‘The Way Forward’ report by Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board presented to Rotherham councillors and local authority officers in July contained a chapter called ‘The Rotherham CSE Profile’.

Read more: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/misleading-claim-on-most-rotherham-cse-abusers-being-white-wrongly-included-in-report-1-7587779#ixzz3sVS5L85s

Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report

Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report More than two-thirds of identified Rotherham child sexual exploitation offenders and suspects are white, a new report has said. New analysis from Public Health Rotherham has looked at the … Continue reading

Spin over substance – the abuse of statistics

This week some information of a statistical nature, was given to the local press, Star and Advertiser, who swallowed the spin, hook line and sinker. Chris Burn of the Star, has admitted to me, he has not been able to … Continue reading

7 thoughts on “‘Misleading’ claim on most Rotherham CSE abusers being white wrongly included in report

  1. “A spokeswoman said the data about offender profiles had been collected from South Yorkshire Police” .
    So next the Star should do an FoI on SYPolice, they should have the underlying data that was summarised in that somewhat dodgy report.


  2. Where are we going with this.

    Us and them

    CSE defined, oh very well then.

    CSE majority (Rotherham cases, asian inc Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Iraqi, Yemni and yes they include all religious denominations inc Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian ) Asians.

    CSA majority, don’t need to talk about it.

    In both cases majority of victims white, very true, I’ll leave you to do the demographics.

    CSE key definitions, street grooming, drugs, multiple perpetrators etc. Exploited for money, drug use etc.

    CSA key definitions, online grooming, grooming parents for contact, direct grooming. Abused for self gratification, empowerment etc.

    So both are abuse of a child, the media in general thinks we are all stupid. Enough is enough including you Rothpol, you pick and choose how to sensationalise your cherry pickings.

    You all have no idea what abuse is and what it is to be abused, do you believe that in making camps for specific abuse is pleasing to listen to.

    Child abuse stops now.
    Exploiting a child stops now.

    Exploiting stories for readership stops now.

    Ask yourselfs what is the one positive action you have engaged in since the revalations of the Jay report.

    Or do we want another report in 16 years reflecting the seeds being sown today, I am asking the leaders of Rotherham inc, Cllrs, police, schools, faith groups, charities, youth clubs, all and everybody stop this us and them madness.


  3. Don’t just blame this council for producing misleading figures on this subject, the entire Multi-cultural, Liberal elite, misguided do gooders are at it. The Children commission just published a report, claiming almost 500,000 have been abused. Funny thing though, no mention of street grooming and the Pakistani problem. As for that program on the BBC last nite, Pakistani grooming model doesn’t exist.

    I’m wondering if the Children report was an attempt to protect their funding, by claiming there on ball with this particular problem. They didn’t know anything about Rotherham or even made the link that this abuse, by this group, was countrywide.


    • Abuse is abuse by giving a paticular name to a particular abuse may be one way forward.

      Child Sexual Abuse has many varieties:-

      Extended family
      Some one in authority
      Street grooming

      And many more variants, so try to keep up with it.

      Let’s say that Child Sexual Abuse, is a complete vehicle, then the CSE element is a wheel,

      let us continue to condemn the complete vehicle ( Child Sexual Abuse ), then to not act like bigoted community policemen, I’ll be having you sir you have a dodgy tyre ( CSE street grooming).


  4. Is there an echo here? My guess is double insertions as an attempt to stymy debate…Rik, needs action..one item please.,, it seem to be a habit


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