Claim that Rotherham CSE abusers predominantly white is Plain wrong

Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) – A wider term that includes the above CSE, along with other forms of illegal sex with minors. For example Paedophilia – a psychological problem well defined at ; mainly found in family settings, and equally common in all ethnicities.

While Jay, Casey and most of the world is talking about CSE in Rotherham, the Safeguarding Board presented statistics on the wider issue of sexual abuse. But presented the figures as if they were about CSE.

This had the effect of denying key findings of the Jay and Casey reports, and hiding the predominant role of gangs of Kashmiri males in Rotherham’s organised Child Sexual Exploitation underworld.

The Safeguarding Board’s failure is three times scary, they were either ignorant, sloppy OR it was an attempt to avoid telling the truth.

Child Sexual Exploitation is a business that globally has become the domain of organised crime from such as the Russian, Chechen, Georgian, Chinese, Sicilian Mafia’s.

When organised it is often part of a profit making machine that includes drugs, racketeer landlordism, illegal labour, slavery, money laundering, carousel crime and even arms trading.

Organised crime finds its way into and corrupts Politics, the Police, the Military, the media and the judiciary.

The allegation I and others make is that there are criminal elements within the Kashmiri community whose behaviours have all the traits and modus operandi of organised crime. That these local groups are linked through a UK network, and that CSE is linked to other forms of criminality.

That the Kashmiri people are no more or less criminally inclined than others, but that the community’s innate response to defend itself against criticism from outside has been used by criminals to hide their crimes. That a key pillar in these criminals defence is to claim racism.

The irony is that honesty by the authorities might well take the ethnic dimension out of the problem. After all Italy may have its Mafia, but only a fool would suggest that all Italians are crooks.

Honesty is the best policy.


14 thoughts on “Claim that Rotherham CSE abusers predominantly white is Plain wrong

  1. Yes Mary B, honesty is best policy for all the communities sake.

    We will look at CSE only, and only with bigoted tinted glasses. And what ever happens we will overlook the complete picture which is Child Sexual Abuse.

    In case you were wondering, everyone gets the message, we’ve had 2 reports concluded, that talk about all the angles without individuals going out on their own tangents.

    Let’s all unite behind all the survivors and those of them who have paid the ultimate price of this crime against humanity.

    We surly we don’t want to be back in this position again with a new report on failures, in the years to come.

    And that somehow good old Child Sexual Abuse is a good thing and that CSE is very bad. Change the record and condemn all.

    So now we come to the fact of Kashmiri crime and organised Kashmiri crime. Have we all lost the plot, would you believe all Kashmiri people in our community are the same as your suggestion is implying. And somehow all knew of what was happening.

    Ultimately what you are saying is organised crime is predominantly committed by Kashmiries. So when someone says that is not the case you confirm “the allegation I and many others make” , they “play the race card” please Mary B, I can say organised crime does not come in preconceived concepts, because every time everyone is left speechless. In this case most definitely the Kashmiri people. The only reason for the statistics is the complete failure of those ultimately in charge. Why would this offend you 15 months have passed, and the conclusion is Kashmiri.

    Do not forsake our survivors the justice, that will bring them close to at least a little faith that they are not alone, and we all I mean all are with them.


  2. Hot Spot…please read the article properly before you put words in my mouth.

    It quite clearly states that the Kashmiri community are no more criminally inclined and contain no higher percentage of criminals than any other community.

    It also states that Paedophilia and other forms of child sexual abuse are a problem of equal concern in all communities and nations. White, black, brown, Asian, Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, Christian atheist, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu.

    Further I also give examples of organised criminal Mafia from several countries , and if it makes you feel better I can add London’s East End Gangs, criminal elements of Irelands paramilitary groups and so on and so forth.

    My problem is that I live in Rotherham, and to date the cosa nostra haven’t been here to fight:)

    The issue I keep trying to get at, and you seem determined to muddy and hide is:

    There is form of CSE in Rotherham where some Kashmiri males are very over represented as abusers, That they are linked into wider criminality, and if we don’t understand this we will fail to prosecute the criminals.

    Is that what you want?


    • I would like to make a bit of a correction here.These people are Mirpuris and not ethnic kashmiris.Historically the region of mirpur used to be part of the north punjab.


      • You are probably right Asif. Although the politically inclined in that community often refer to themselves as from Azad (meaning Free) Kashmir. It is much debated, with much disagreement, as to whether or not their use of Azad Kashmir is historically correct.

        One theory sometimes touted around is that younger people prefer to be thought of as Azad Kashmiri because of the stigma attached in Pakistan to those of Mirpuri origin.

        There they they are often joked about and considered of low caste, in a similar way that the rural Irish and Polish have been so unfairly mocked in the UK and the USA respectively. A little googling and forum searching will reveal that among those of the sub-continent there is a distinct racism towards the Mirpuri. Indeed the anguage can be obscene.

        When writing about CSE there is little doubt that the Mirpuri prefer to be referred to as Asian, whereas as most of there leading politicians have affiliations with Mirpuri Political organisations and bring tears to the eyes when they wax on about their Mirpuri homeland.

        I suspect it’s human nature not to want CSE associated with ones home area.



      • Wuff, Asif – a question for both of you.
        Are the present residents of Mirpur the same people that lived there before the 1947 Partition and what language/dialect is spoken there in general discourse?


  3. Thank you Mary B
    The tone in my my message was predominantly on the basis of the header, “claim that Rotherham CSE abusers predominantly are white is plain wrong”

    I thank you for making yourself clear and I appreciate that, there is the fact that the reports collated on Rotherham CSE also mention what was found. The perpetrators (abusers) , their names were mentioned over and over again by many victims. This would reflect the over representation of the community, and would also answer the organised criminal (gang) culture.

    As certain people were allowed to continue to abuse, we would all agree that the number of abused would go up greater than the number of perpetrators. So analysis of the abuse is inconsistent to the demographics of Rotherham, the main reason being the abusers had multiple victims. This in itself would explain the over representation of the Kashmiri community in CSE.

    No matter how hard we try to understand, we will be easily led astray with cheap points scoring headlines.

    Thank you Mary B


  4. Well! First Hot Spot fails to read the article by Mary B in which she clearly differentiates between CSA and CSE and after what looks like a start of a retraction waffles on back to his politically correct twaddle.
    I thought Mary B,s post was really well thought out and well presented. Thanks.


  5. Have you read the Jay and Casey reports? or did you simply read the headlines and decide you didn’t like them? Tell us how you feel about their stats?


    • Thank you all for your corrections.

      Never judge a book by it’s cover cover, should have been the headline.

      Yes I have read the reports, and as you would appreciate stats can mean anything. The only stat which is consistent is “on a conservative estimation 1400 children (boys/girls) abused (1997/2013)”.

      And would you believe it, was allowed to continue in the “best of intentions”.

      Statistical manipulation is a political tool.

      So the headline should have been “No Change in Rotherham”.


  6. Rothpol,
    Have some comments got lost from this thread?
    In the current first comment Mary B appears to be replying to a prior comment from Hotspot. And I recollect that there were earlier comments than that. Hence my question.

    And I know that I’d seen a comment from you from yesterday on some thread – telling me to have a ,more open mind, but i can’t find that now!

    Or maybe it’s just that my mind is now so open my brain has fallen out!


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