4 thoughts on “Labour’s false prospectus?

  1. Where is the collective apology from the Labour party for making Rotherham a byword for cover-ups? Why is there no mention of how they propose to reduce the massive debts they’ve accrued?
    Other than a soundbite about “hardships being inflicted by the government” there is nothing in this drivel about what Labour councillors intend to do differently from the present incompetent Labour councillors.
    Is this really the best the Labour party can do to rally the troops?


  2. It’s good to know that we are at a crossroads, Rob. Personally I though it was a cul de sac, which for those without CSE Grade 6 French means…a dead end.

    I think we can give on the collective apology idea Colin.. a mumbled acknowledgement that they may have got something wrong would be a start, instead of the “infamy, infamy they’ve all got it infamy approach” shrieked by Labour Group members when not in earshot of the commissioners.

    And Rob, what’s this poppycock about giving a voice to the hardest hit by voting Labour, to get more Labour Councillors….

    Rob I could be convinced you’re a really nice guy, but this is Rotherham for heavens sake, this is Rotherham Labour Group you’re talking about, and you can’t swing that one. 40 years of ignoring the people cannot be swept away with a platitude.

    A few ideas for your publicity material;

    1. We’ve got rid of a lot of the old rubbish.
    2. The new ones are hopefully more clever, fingers crossed.
    3. We’ve learned lessons.
    4. You don’t want a bunch UKIP loons in charge
    5. We’re going to listen to the electorate
    6. And here are a few things we are actually going to do….
    7. For a brighter more prosperous Rotherham

    Really, I should be charging for this:)


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