3 thoughts on “Make your mind up?

  1. Kevin is intrinsically part of the Blairite right, and a political chancer. He’s gambling that Corbyn won’t be in power for long, and has chosen this gang to deliver the blows. Principles and policies have never been considered his unique selling point. His was not a vote of principle by Kevin, but at dart aimed at the heart of a politician who holds him in contempt.

    Bear in mind that with a couple of exceptions, much of the public criticism and private briefing against Corbyn comes from a small number of embittered ‘colleagues’ who fear they have lost promotion opportunities. Kevin would expect to lose his plum committee role if Corbyn has any say.


  2. Kevin, quite rightly, has decided that we really do need it, particularly at this time whilst we are at war with the Islamic Terrorists. Clearly that silly little girl, Champion hasn’t got the sense to see through the Islamic filth who want us to scrap it and allow them to infest and infect the whole world with their filthy culture.


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