Big Increase In Race Hate Crime In Rotherham

Big Increase In Race Hate Crime In Rotherham

Some community leaders believe the terrorist attacks in Paris have inflamed an already toxic atmosphere in the town.

A surge in religious and race hate crimes is causing renewed alarm within the town of Rotherham.

Children as young as five are said to have been racially abused and one estimate suggests a tenfold increase in hate crimes.

Community leaders have called for Government intervention amid claims that some of the crimes were going unpunished.

Others say local shoppers are travelling out of the town due to the number of far-right protest marches.

An advocate for abused children, Chrissy Meleady, said she had seen far right extremists chasing a family and screaming “Muslim paedophile” at a seven-year-old boy.

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79 thoughts on “Big Increase In Race Hate Crime In Rotherham

  1. “Others say local shoppers are travelling out of the town due to the number of far-right protest marches” What a load of rubbish …. Maybe people are shopping out of town because the town centre has nothing to offer them . I myself had to go into town about a week ago and thought I would take advantage of the free parking on the old Tesco island …. walking across the footbridge over the river Don was an experience … fast food wrappers pop cans and food strewn allover the place ..the faint smell of urine to go with the graffiti covered walls and the obligatory gang of swearing booze swilling teenages all clouding the memory of when I would walk across to Hillards maybe having a look in the Sony centre along the way . As I moved further in towards the centre ears were met with the sound of different languages and lots of people who looked like they did not fit in … I took in the surroundings it gave me a sad feeling that this is not the Rotherham I grew up in .. then I realised it is me that does not fit in .. it is not my town anymore ..My Rotherham is somewhere in the 1980s .


  2. Not a surprise sadly. CSE/Paris/far right protests and the issue of Islamophobia has contributed to the rise. There was a 300% rise in attacks on Muslims one week after Paris but I think it’s important for those people who don’t generalise and tarr Muslims with the same brush speak up also. We’ve seen few brave people (in Newcastle when a Muslim woman with a hijab was abused, the whole carriage forced the numpty off) stand up and that’s refreshing to see and hear. Let’s stand up for innocent people being abused just because they have a faith or a certain kind, or wear a headscarf etc.


  3. The Koran is available for all to read. It is insightful to go through what is contained therein..
    There are many commentaries from differing points of view.
    It is difficult to sustain any argument that it preacher equal rights for women. In it’s comments towards unbelievers it contains quite a lot of violence especially towards polytheists.
    The Christian Old Testament has similar violence within it with stoning for adultery and all sorts of smiting.
    The difference between the two is that Christianity is much reformed since it was first established as a state religion by Constantine.
    There has been no reform of The religion of the book and perhaps that is overdue. This is not my original idea read:
    “Infidel – my life” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This Somali female writer now lives in the USA and as she has left the religion of her family must live protected by an armed guard as she is under constant threats of death.
    Despite this she would rather just see the religion reformed.

    As for spin:
    The Koran accepts the use of deceit as a tool for the advancement of the religion:
    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 267:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    The Prophet said, “Khosrau will be ruined, and there will be no Khosrau after him, and Caesar will surely be ruined and there will be no Caesar after him, and you will spend their treasures in Allah’s Cause.” He called, “War is deceit’.

    The teaching is that the religion is at war with the unbeliever and “War is Deceit”
    So please explain how can their words be trusted?


  4. I partly disagree with you Rik about keeping away from religion.

    Being an atheist means I don’t have any guilt for the many atrocities carried out in the name of God. My only fear is that one day I (or even an old reprobate like you) may land up in one of the 13 Muslim countries where we can be executed for not believing. And almost as bad, parts of the USA where being an atheist can send you to jail if you say the wrong thing and upset the Christians.

    Religion is politics, is community..ask the Muslims they make no bones about it.

    So while agreeing we don’t want a theological debate, it is impossible to deny that the paramilitaries in Ireland were from differing Christian sects, so it impossible to deny that that isil/daesh make every effort to promote themselves as true believers of Islam and are fighting to build The Sunni Islamic State, and on the way the khilafah to end all khilafahs. Although if cheesed off they might be just as happy with armaggedon, .

    Now I know religion can be a little dull, but try telling that to the fleeing Syrians and Iraqi’s who find it all too exciting. And after all, it’s more interesting than the blathering’s some submit to RothPol.

    Affectionately, Todger…


    • Please:
      1. Name those 13 Muslim countries where Atheists are executed. I’d better not go to them for my holidays
      2. What States of the US are there where Atheists are sent to prison for upsetting Christians. I’ve spent time in at least 30 US States without any real problems, but it would be good to know.
      3. The problems in Northern Ireland were between long term residents (who just happened to be Roman Catholic) and new arrivals from Scotland (who just happened to be Protestants). – and even that is a simplification – the sectarianism was just an outward manifestation of a far deeper malaise. .


      • Answers to your points

        1.The Freethought Report 2013, was issued by the International Humanist and Ethical Union . In terms of the death sentence for atheists it identified:

        Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

        2. USA: There’s 7 of them that actually enforce their constitutional statements that people who don’t believe in God (or, alternatively, A Supreme Being) can’t hold public offices.

        Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

        A quote from a Floridian “In in Florida, you might get kicked out of a city council meeting simply for wearing an atheist T-shirt. And if you protest against prayers at city council meetings, you might actually get arrested.”

        Just goggle a bit, and you will get hundreds of examples.

        3. With regard to paramilitaries in Northrn Ireland well you may have your opinion and I mine. But the adjudicators must be the people themselves..they all think they’re good Christians and while the current religiosity of people may be questioned the origins going back to Oliver Cromwell were the division between Anglicanism and Catholicism.

        It always makes me smile when people of religion complain about being repressed.


  5. Interesting. It seems I have a personal nuisance in RR. He seems driven to visit my site that he claims to consider as poor. Looks 4 Times in two days now…
    He refers us to a page;
    the top of which is
    “This page contains too many unsourced statements, and needs to be improved.”
    He says Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not the person I make her out to be. Strange I just gave a reference to her book and a brief detail of her life. I do not think in the few words I used I made her out to be anything much. But he seems driven to go in for the bitch slapping…
    Now if anyone reads that book they can make their own mind up and need not be told what to think by anyone else.

    Undermining another’s self esteem is a technique used by controlling personalities. You know the constant put downs and little digs like calling someone’s poem a rhyme. Tedious stuff that. It might work on a child being groomed, but really not on a 70 year old veteran!
    Give it up.


  6. As usual the tangents seem to have been set off on, Muhbeen has his own agenda and pretends he represents some amazing national organisation, this is far from the truth. The figures about attacks are spurious and exaggerated they have no basis in truth. To have us believe that the reason people are not using the town centre is because of fascist marches is pure fantasy, and to say that businesses are going bankrupt because of them again is fantasy. They would have to be having at least one a week for this to be true. And once again the ever gullible Champion falls for this crap. The reason people don’t use the town centre is because quite frankly it’s crap, there are far better places around the area to shop. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would think that Muhbeen and his ilk were using this as an excuse to cover up for his community’s lack of action over the gangs of sexual exploiters. Champion quite frankly should know better but when it comes to this subject she seems to wear very heavy blinkers.
    Dave Smith


    • @ Dave Smith, I don’t often agree with you but on this point you are absolutely right. The Muslims are “Always the victims” when the fact is the 1,400 children raped, abused and sold like slaves are the victims of Muslims. The people killed in Paris, in the Twin Towers bombing and many other places, these are the real victims. The filthy lies and rhetoric spewed out by that disgusting piece of Pakistani s**t Muhbeen, and believed by that gullible stupid little girl, Champion, should be treated for what they are, FILTHY LIES!!


  7. Another example of misleading and speculative “reporting” from Murdoch News ( sorry, Sky News) today ! ” A surge in …” – “children as young as 5 are said to have been …” – “and one estimate suggests a tenfold increase …” Need I go on ?? Unsubstantiated claptrap posing as news. Smacks of British Muslim ( Not So Young) Youth attempting yet another diversion from the upcoming CSE and Violent Disorder trials ! I have no doubt that some of the muslim residents have been subject to racial abuse but I would suggest that the great majority of incidents came from the far right cretins who keep marching in the town. I do not say that all the racial abuse and violence is caused by outsiders, as witnessed by the killing of an old man who was guilty of nothing other than going quietly about his business and his life, as were the people in .Paris who were massacred recently. If Sky News is going to report on these sort of things said to be happening in Rotherham they should try to publish some facts !


    • When the trails start, no matter what The British Muslim Youth does will deflect the coveration this town will get. All they are doing is providing more misery for their own communtiy and the town. Nothing and I repeat nothing is going to gain this communtiy any sympathy from any quarters of society.


  8. Woody

    Such a shame that you can’t see beyond your own thoughts.

    1: Read up the 2010 Rotherham Abuse case around 35 victims, 7 to court, 5 of them subsequently jailed.

    2: Won’t be going into too much detail, 90+ charges brought against a number of alleged gang (grooming) members. For the courts to decide.

    3: The established links of organised crime (drugs/people trafficking etc), usually refers to multiple criminals/locations.

    4: Just read the full reports CSE/Local government.

    5: There not called grooming gangs for nothing (Jay report,we found same names repeated over and over again, by many victims). And incase you are wondering yes that includes indigenous white people.

    Your beyond comprehension,
    1400 children abused in Rotherham over a 16 year period 1997/2013 (inc boys/girls from all backgrounds, predominantly white (who would have thought of that in a predominantly white town)) this is a conservative estimate.

    Woody mate you have all the answers so can you tell us, a man was jailed in 2007 for abusing 90+ boys (Jay Report) no names mentioned, would you do us the honours, who was this.

    It probably may be a few more than a handful of perpetrators, but you seem sure that it is every body from the Asian community.

    Please don’t be so sure, as this is the beginning and not the end. Justice for our children.


      • Thanks for this I was trying to source it.
        I have a question?
        The victims must, many of them have PTSD to a greater or less extent.
        Inquiries are all well and good but what financial resources have been made available for the help of victims.
        These victims will have demons that must be faced and defeated. How is help for them coming along?
        Words are all well and good but does this work have a decent budget?


    • So 5 peados ( 7 took to court) abused 35 kids by your logic 1400 kids were abused by 200 Pakistani perverts (35/5) I think a lot more than just over a handful as for cox if I’d have known him and what he had been doing I personally would have throttled him … I sure as hell wouldn’t be trying to make cox out as a victim


      • 10.23 The main findings of the 2006 report were:
        a) The situation again06 in Rotherham was described as continuing ‘as it has done for a number of years’, with an established sexual exploitation scene which was very organised and involved systematic physical and sexual violence against young women;
        b) It also involved young women being TRAFFICKED to other towns and cities PREDOMINANTLY in the north;

        Jay Report

        These are facts, nothing is taken away from the Survivors.

        Were all the abusers/perpetrators from Rotherham?

        Were all victims from Rotherham?

        How many children (for there own protection, moved to Rotherham) in the care of RMBC who subsequently were trafficked back to their towns/cities of origin.

        Some random people who just happen to come together to abuse.

        Never have dismissed lone perpetrators as well.

        And before you do your next calculations, your suggestion is 100% of the abuse is committed by Pakistani heritage men.

        Although majority of the victims claimed perpetrators were Asian out of which:
        Predominantly Pakistani heritage, predominantly does not mean 100% so your calculation is baseless.


  9. In most other countries, especially the ones that the Murpuri inhabit , the animals responsible for abusing their same-ethnic children would be hacked to death with machetes.
    So a few muslims have had bad words shouted at them – what a shame.
    My heart really bleeds for them.
    They are lucky they are living in a civilised society. Your “own” committed atrocities against the inigenous children of this country – count your blessings that that’s all that has happened to you and cease playing the victim – we are sick to the back teeth iof your whining and moaning..
    If muslims don’t like it here – they know hoew to leave and head back to their ethnic homeland.


  10. @RR You attack the messagenger but never the message, you defend the indefensible, but never the victim. If you were to kiss your own backside , you would never see what you had done was dirty.

    Appeasement is never a good trait.


  11. Rothpol

    please not you as well.

    “Those recorded as ‘Asian’. In Rotherham, the majority of known perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage including the five men convicted in 2010” subtract of 11.2 Jay report.

    Please keep up rothpol it was said to woody, I didn’t say it representing my self at the High Court.

    Please Rothpol ask what you did not understand, and I will make sure that you receive an appropriate reply. ASAP.

    or am I going to go through the full.


    • You seem to claim that a majority of these abuses where committed by a few, however that doesn’t hold up, as although an estimated 1400+ children were abused, each child was abused by multiple assailants, over varying lengths of time.


  12. It’s said that the ethnics are afraid to come in to Rotherham I would say that it’s the other way round I venture in to Rotherham Town Centre very rarely these days and when i do it seems to me that the situation is actually the other way round. The town is awash with romas , pakistani , eastern europeans all hanging around in gangs don’t any of them work ? it is us the white local born people of Rotherham who feel threatened and afraid in our own town. Eastwood has become to rotherham what the vatican is to rome a city in it’s own right each house is entitled to 2 black wheelie bins other areas are only entitled to one! it’s been given a brand new 6 million pound school this is due entirely to it’s increase in the birth rate and only 1 in 10 of the residents pay council tax or full rent WHY IS THIS ? I’ll tell you why because nearly all the residents are either Romas, Eastern Europeans or Asians YEAH POOR ETHNICS my heart bleeds for them !!!


    • ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON,and all this is encouranged by our own LIEBOR run council,there is plenty of money for all these ethincs that get everything they want,free houses,free money,free nhs,free schools the list goe’s on,they can’t speak english but we provide them with interpretors so they can claim our tax payers money.Bramley/sunnyside school had to erect portacabins for the kids when woodlaithes estate was built because the LIEBOUR council said they had no money to build a new school yet they have borrowed 6 million to build a new school for the the ethincs in eastwood,and seeing as 90% don’t work or speak english we will also be providing them with everthing they need,when you drive down to st anns island its like going into a foreign country,but don’t worry RBC is pushing the multicultralism button sat in their brand new office’s we are paying a fortune for, everthing ok in the bubble,the town centre is shit hole there’s nothing to go down to the town for anymore,yet they slap themselves on their backs to say how good everthing is so good in rotherham.Sarah Champion what a greasy pole climber she as turned out to be,more bothered about the pakistani pheodphiles she stood side by side in her photo shoots who are now complaining they are getting picked on as in RACE HATE crimes and our Sarah is looking after them.


  13. Rotherham town centre has become a no go area for many individuals, even RMBC have given up the pretense of being supportive of the town and the embattled independent traders with the closure of the visitor centre in All Saints Square.
    The strap line, one town one community rings a little hollow when you see RMBC walking away from the town centre.
    Far right marches do not help the town, race hate in Rotherham is not a one way street impacting only on minority groups the most significant race hate crimes have been carried out on the 1400 victims of child abuse and rape by members of the Pakistani Muslim community with the victims being mainly white children.
    Minority groups stop playing the victim, until you out the criminals within your community and BMY stops inflaming the situation by stunts like boycotting the police then the view of the minority communities will continue to become even more negative.
    No wonder BMY wanted to stop cooperation with the police if the figure of 7,000 lines of investigation by the NCA is to be believed.
    I do hope the departure gates at Manchester airport are being watched.


    • I am surprised you let all these hateful and islamaphobic comments to be published on this site. I thought this forum was moderated. It’s comments like these, some of them just made up by racists who want to divide the community. Please show some moderation in publishing these comments, thanks Rik.


      • @Amir “It’s comments like these, some of them just made up by racists who want to divide the community” Please do tell which comments you think are racist ……..The old race card being thrown around too easily again ……….. no one has divided the community more than the Pakistani perpetrators of these crimes have done themselves ….. and on the subject of “COMMUNITIES” I have never ever felt like I am a member of ANY of such sort of group …. Feel free Rik to moderate any hateful or racist comment.


      • @Amir
        This forum is not moderated in any meaningful way.
        Much of what is said on it to ugly and bigoted.
        Personally I’d rather what they say is out in the open here, otherwise I would never know what those people are thinking.
        But they represent only a tiny but vocal percentage of the White British population. As I am sure you would agree all communities contain a proportion of problem members.


  14. @ Amir; It sounds as though you want Rik to censor any comments which might upset your minority group doesn’t it. Let me assure you that the word Islamophobia has no place in our vocabulary or society and I believe it was only made up to cover up what is the appalling, medieval culture that is Islam.
    I fail to understand what you mean by dividing the community. The Islamist in the country have failed to integrate in any way with the rest of the community and when they talk about community, I’m sure they mean the Islamic community only; they are the divisive ones! Stop playing the race card and either mix properly with the British society or you do have the option to leave and live in an Islamic State if you wish.


    • You can’t entirely blame the Pakistani communtiy for the lack of communtiy cohension, although they do bare a major proportion for the current problems. The council and the left wing doctrine of multi-Cultrualism, has encouraged their current isolationism by pandering to their every whim.

      Other ethnic groups have come into this country and assimilated the British culture and have not tried to cling onto their past, maybe their religion, but in general have accepted the prevailing culture, which is western. They should ask themselves this one question , if their homeland was so great, why the hell did they come to this country in the first place, with all our perceived defects?


  15. I want to know how many people in the country, over the past 70 or so years, were asked if they wanted to live in a multi-cultural society. In my 73 years on this planet, I have never been asked. If I had been, it would have been a resounding NO! No one I know has ever been asked either. The fact is, no one was asked, it was thrust upon us undemocratically and we were told, by God knows who, to accept it. I Don’t and never will! Multiculturalism does not and never will work whilst ever we allow immigrants to come here and insist we accept their culture even though they can reject ours and in fact do. What a sad and stupid state of affairs!


  16. @RR you claim this blog is not moderated and there have been some ULGY comments said and there are some bigoted people on here, but I would disagree. People are only venting their opinions about what has happen and still is happening to their great town. Perhaps the one good thing to become of this site, is that the Pakistani’s now know of the majority displeasure with them and the trust they have broken and will never come back, until they admit what they did was wrong and are willing to address there obvious problems.

    They like other ethnic communities were welcome with open arms and given every opportunity to participate with the other peoples of all races. They choose to isolate themselves and then abuse innocent children in a vile and wicked way. They are now trying to hide behind a cloak of racism and still denieing their crimes. If what they did to the white children, was done to THERES, they would be roiting in the streets. It’s a testimony to the White communtiy tolerance, that something more has not happen.

    People are rightly angry and want justice, they also want a change in this behaviour if this group, who have done so much to destroy communtiy cohension, it is not the white man that is the preptrators of a sick crime, it is the Pakistani.


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