Labour’s Oldham by-election nerves

Labour’s Oldham by-election nerves

If you want to know who is going to win the Oldham West and Royton by-election next Thursday, don’t listen to the bookies or people like me. Instead consult the weather forecast.

For the outcome of this poll will most likely be determined by which voters are prepared to turn out on a dank, dark December day.

For Labour, this seat should be as safe as Oldham’s red-bricked terraced houses. The constituency has been Labour for most of its existence. The late Michael Meacher bequeathed a majority of more than 14,000 after a 45-year incumbency.

The party’s candidate is a dynamic young council leader with a strong power base and a moderate background. “He’s definitely not a Maoist,” one senior UKIP figure told me with a sigh.

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6 thoughts on “Labour’s Oldham by-election nerves

    • You are presumably aware that on demand postal voting is wide open to fraud?

      “Postal voting is open to fraud on an “industrial scale” and is “unviable” in its current form, a top judge has said.
      Richard Mawrey QC, who tries cases of electoral fraud, told the BBC that people should not be able to apply for postal votes as a matter of course.”

      And presumably you must also be aware that a key factor in Labour CSE omerta are the “vast vote reservoirs” – as MacShane put it – handily delivered in large postal bloc tankers to the Party.

      Are the victims of Rotherham model CSE simply a price worth paying to get Labour MPs elected?

      I thought it was dreadful when Norman Lamont said that unemployment was a “price well worth paying” to bring inflation down; but this is unspeakably appalling!


  1. Lets hope that the right wing nu labour wreckers and snipers have not thrown the ballot in their disgraceful antics to undermine the leader and membership.


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