This comment is by Dave Platts in a personal capacity.

The Blairites have a new leader: David Cameron. It is clear that these parasites would sooner see Labour lose the next election rather than have it win under Corbyn. The attacks on him in the Tory press and media by these cretins is reaching epidemic proportions. They would clearly take any steps to discredit the democratically elected leader and return the party safe for the Tories and their friends in the City. He won the leadership under a voting procedure that the Blairites brought in themselves under the Collins review. That is a measure of the contempt they have for democracy!
The division is clear: it’s either the Parliamentary MP’s – many of them parachuted in to safe Labour seats, and the majority of them never done a day’s work in their life – who run the Party, or it’s grass roots members. It is them or us. Come and join the campaign to defend Corbyn.

All members and supporters of the Labour Party welcome.

Dave Platts
Personal capacity



  1. It is exactly the same as they did to Micheal Foot it is Labours way of purging the party of the left so the right can once again take control.
    Dave Smith


    • You’re right Dave; the difference this time though is that times have changed. The pits are gone, the steelworks are going, there is no work, no houses, youth unemployment rocketing, austerity is a permanent feature, and we are staring at the biggest humanitarian catastrophe the world has ever seen. Makes things that little bit different dunnit?


  2. I am not a supported of any party.
    I did note at the time how the Militant were purged as entryists just as the party lurched to the “Middle Ground” another name for no longer being socialists. It would make Keir Hardy and Clem Attlee weep.
    I am not a socialist. However I do feel it is such a strong and enduring feature of our political landscape socialism ought to be allowed to have its voice heard.
    This has not been the case for years. New Labour and that lousy lot called “Common Purpose” had nearly driven socialism out of the party of the socialists.
    I have heard Tories complain of Cameron taking their party to the “Middle Ground” another name for no longer being conservative.
    It would Make Edmond Burke and De Tocqueville weep.
    Conservatism, the idea of the preeminence of the right of the individual ought have its voice heard.
    Sadly both national parties have sold out to the new corporate republic of the neolibs. Philosophies have left the building.


  3. The reason why Corbyn is vilified is because he’s a Trotskist idiot – a political dinosaur.
    He is/was of course a “big wig” in Haringay council ( error intentional) where his cronies were provided with nice des-res houses,and apartments bought at the council tax payers expense.
    Fortunately, the British electorate, unlike the brainwashed minions who now populate the Liebore Party, are wise to the inherent corruption of the Left with their cronyism and their ” do as I say not as I do” mindset.
    Having worked for a left-wing council for a year ( I got out when I got tired of their constant leftie propaganda which arrived daily in my pigeon hole ) , I can tell you with no uncertaintainty that people like Corbyn are a danger to individual liberty and freedom…… Unless of course you are a black transexual muslim with a speech impediment, one arm and a non-English speaker, in which case you will think you have entered Nirvana as they fall over themselves to give you a top well-paid job in the council with your own personal interpreter.


  4. Mr. Poetmorgan makes some good points. Please bear in mind that Cameron also personally supports Common Purpose. ( Note his photographed association with convicted Common Purpose senior member and paedophile Matthew Byrne, yet Cameron still supported Common Purpose in India, whilst never forgetting the years of association of Sonia Sharp with Common Purpose, especially when in Rotherham. ) It is also true that nulabor never had any respect for democracy, and have now effectively declared war on the Labour Party. On this side of the M1 the corrupt nulabor openly persist in trying to undermine Corbyn to regain control, with the added bonus that in trying to regain control they will destroy the party that they are using as a mere prop for their own agenda. Meanwhile, are there any current or past nulabor senior employees within RMBC who are also elected members in SCC and who are also, crucially, associated with Common Purpose, and involved with arguably nefarious activity with nulabor candidate selection practices ? The message is clear, Corbyn and The Labour Party need to purge Labour Party traitors nulabor and Common Purpose if they have any chance to regain the trust of the electorate, without which they will never regain power. ( )


  5. Is it just myself or is there nowhere else this meeting could be held, it seems labour are bowing to their minority voters it seems and as for Corbyn the man obviously would see terrorists on our streets with total immunity as he does not support shoot to kill. Taking the labour candidate in oldham trying to make labour supporters thnk he is for them if the claims about his expenses as a councillor are correct why would he take a cut in wages to become an mp unless of course it is the perks he is going for considering it is a labour mp who chairs the committee on mp’s expenses is labour and chose to remove Mc Shane but allowed a lib dem mp who had fiddled more than McShane then things will never change surely it is time the people of Rotherham gave serious thought to their future council as this Labour run one is still not fit for purpose


  6. Common Purpose is not a New Labour machine. It crosses political boundaries with a … guess what? A common purpose.

    “parasites” “cretins” – is this the kinder, gentler politics the Glorious Leader wants?

    Why are the Left so obssessed with Blair. The man ceased to be Labour Party leader and Prime Minister in 2007. They were itching to get Brown in after; then he lost and they were itching to get Miliband in (aided and abetted by McCluskey in UNITE). Remember Kinnock saying “We’ve got our party back” when Miliband won?

    As each one failed they were labelled Blairites. What will they do when Jezza fails? Will he be labelled Blairite too? Lol!


  7. I do not put much hope in the old party machines of left or right. It may be they can be reformed but I suspect we are in for turbulent times ahead. My own loathing is for the influence of corporate lobbying and effective control over policy with parties ever willing to do their bidding if the price is right.
    The left may eventually have a viable alternative in the Greens, but I doubt if UKIP will evolve into a viable alternative for the right.
    The future is unknown and unknowable.


    • ” My own loathing is for the influence of corporate lobbying and effective control over policy with parties ever willing to do their bidding if the price is right.”

      Absolutely. Sadly the corporate lobby pays better than public service, hence our public servants don’t really work for us, even though they tell us they are every five years or so.

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    • A long, long time ago ( over a hundred years ) it is claimed that Mayer Rothschild said :
      ” Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”.
      Whether it was he who actually said it is irrevant, the fact is that International Banks determine the economic well-being, or not, of nations.
      It is hardly a new – you actually THINK that a democratically elected government represents the people or determines policy ? It has always been controlled by vested interests, be it the money from Trades Unions or money from Capitalists.
      Our “democratic” system has placed in government people who were voted in by 30% of voters – so in fact, we have a govenment which the majority didn’t want.
      Personally, I don’t care who gets elected as long as it’s not that Trotskyist moron Corbyn.
      I value my freedom too much, however limited that may be of late.


      • How right you are Paul. Labour have no chance at the elections whilst ever they keep this scruffy, commie moron as leader. We shall see how much he believes in democracy when the vote comes for bombing ISIS. Will he allow a free vote for his MP’s or will he, as I expect, dictate to them his idiotic policy of so called diplomacy?


      • Got that one wrong anaymous! The art of contributing to blogs and politics…never say anything that can so quickly proven to be bo**ox.

        I know older women shoudn’t use such terms, but at my age one can wear purple.

        Mary B x


  8. Father Christmas : Now david, what would you like for Christmas ?
    David Cameron : Please can you keep Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party until next election ?


    • He won’t last that long, if there’s one thing these bums in the Labour (Lefties/Multi-cultrual) Party love is power. Once they wake up from this eurthoria of getting Jezzy in and realise they are going to get hammer, even worse that Foot did, they’ll dump him faster than a bout of the trots.


  9. I am a member of Momentum but I don’t think using personal abuse and insults like “cretins” or “parasites” is sensible. It feeds into the right-wing narrative and is contrary to how Corbyn has asked his supporters behave.


    • Sue, the narrative I use is in a personal capacity. What we all should be considering is the facts. Are they stabbing Corbyn in the back? Are they writing in the Daily Mail and slandering him. Have they not openly called on sitting MP’s to stand against Labour should they be deselected. Aren’t they meeting Fallon in secret to defeat him in order to bomb Syria. Is there anything in my post that is not true? And you don’t think I should be using words like parasites and cretins? Well forgive me!


    • It was an utterly stupid thing to post,and it is already being used as a weapon against Corbin in social media.
      Yes, we should all be seeking unity, a common ground.


    • Has there been a revolution, have the sandals wearing, pot smoking, lemons taking over the Labour Party. Will it be free loving, free money, free everything. Damn my electric bill has just arrived. Reality is a bitch!!!


  10. Is Dave Platts actually Daniel Platts, who took a motion condeming attacks on Corbyn to the Wentworth CLP two months ago but couldn’t propose it because he wasn’t a delegate?

    He took it back the following month after getting the Unite delegate to propose it but no one would second it so it was thrown out.

    Either way, it seems someone called Platts is spoiling for a fight with the moderate and not the other way round. 😀


  11. Quotse : ….. “the Parliamentary MP’s – many of them parachuted in to safe Labour seats, and the majority of them never done a day’s work in their life ………..”

    Well have you looked at the educational history and employment history of Comrade Leader Corbyn ?
    He is a TYPICAL Labour MP of the same kidney. Al he has even done is politics – staright from Trade Union jobs into politics. He knows NOTHING about real life.
    Hardly brought up on an inner city council estate was he ?
    He’s just another clueless champagne socialist , although he doesn’t drink so he says, with his head in the clouds and his feet in you-know-what.


    • @ Paul Wilson; He’ll know about thieving, cheating, lining his own pockets and looking after number one though won’t he. This seem to be the Labour edict in this country doesn’t it? Bugger working, this is the best way of making money, steal it off the working man, when you’re a Trade Union leader!


  12. I have just noticed that on the Sheffield Momentum FB site, the remnants of Sheffield SWP(read up on Comrade Delta) are to attend, from long past experience, everything political movement they get involved in that is not their own vehicle turns to dust, crowding out other speakers, towing the party line, gerrymandering when they have numbers, I was hoping Momentum would be more selective than this. I have got time to play the political games of the last century.


  13. The official event was posted on Facebook ( The post on this site includes comments in a personal capacity. Anybody is entitled to share the details of the meeting as they are in the public domain. Anybody attending either a Labour Party meeting or a Momentum meeting is entitled to give their opinions. Both are democratic organisations in which different views are debated. This is in the spirit of democratic debate that Corbyn espouses. Yes he also espouses the use of respectful language and avoiding personal attacks. Although this post is very critical of Blairites and uses certain “unkind” words, actually “parasite” is technically a correct description of MPs that disregard the democratic mandate given to Corbyn by the members and use the Labour Party for their own interests, especially those that incessantly publish scathing articles in the press that are full of vicious personal attacks that will only damage the party. It is unrealistic to expect members to just tolerate such treacherous behaviour from our elected representatives without showing any disgust and without condemning their actions in the strongest terms. You can’t remain respectful to people that are showing the most crass disrespect to you and your party. The Blairites deserve criticism for their support for the illegal Iraq war and it seems some will be continuing their poor judgement on Syria this week. They also deserve criticism for eroding party democracy, but this is changing under Corbyn and political debate is rightly becoming more common. Momentum meetings have always been respectful and opinions are discussed in a comradely way. But the likes of Simon Danzcuk, who is trying to rip apart the party using the appallingly biased right-wing Mail and Sun papers, deserves no respect. His frequent articles are full of distortions, downright lies and offensive personal attacks about Corbyn and his supporters. In fact much of what he writes is actually stupid – hence “cretin” is also technically correct in his case.

    The attempts at a party split are not initiated by people in Momentum – it’s us who are understandably angry at those on the right that are creating division and openly talking about coups and undermining Corbyn and the members and supporters. The grassroots have a right – a duty – to counter the attacks against the working class and their elected leader.


  14. Corbyn was elected leader with an overwhelming mandate from rank and file members (and, anecdotally, I have conversed witn many, mainly young, people who think his style and substance are both breaths of fresh air). His dissection and critique of the spending review was masterful and comprehensive, last week eg. Being a naive clegyman with my head in the clouds, I have a tendency to judge people on their ideas, not their “hidden agendas” (which, unfortunately, remain prone to endless speculation and idiotic and puerile conspiracy theories) . Taken at face value, Corbyn talks a lot of sense about how we respond to the current crisis, with an eye on the long term effects of what we do on the genuine grievances of young muslims, and our short term amnesia about the failure of policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to actually bring peace. We are in more danger than ever and it is Blair and Cameron who have proved the true threats to national security. Add in what he says about austerity and maybe we would be mad not to give JC a chance. Could we do worse? now it looks like the PLP aligned with a privatised, tax dodging media will combine to oust him against the wishes of the party and the hopes of many ordinary people. If that happens Labour will truly be finished. Weep Kier Hardie! Keeping Jeremy at the helm is actually their best bet, although he does need to show a bit more leadership nous (he may learn) and maybe compromise a bit with his own moderates about some of his more extreme foreign policy friendships. We cannot negotiate with people who are implacable about destroying us but we must stop behaving in ways that destroy the hopes and aspirations of others. Our first line of defence is to have a country worth defending (ie: in which all share hope and prosperity) and a country that behaves on the international stage in a way that enables other countries to have the same hope and prosperity. Under this Tory government, we have one that is and does the opposite of both these things.


    • To effect change, you first must gain power. I keep hearing that he has this mandate from the party rank and file, but surely he should be thinking about the wider electorate, those millions who voted for Labour in the last Election. He’s unelectable and therefore a loser in waiting.

      The country is changing but he’s stuck in past. Comrades, Socialism is a corrupt, irrelevant ideology, hence we had 1400+ children raped and abused, by a minority interest, where was the equality for those victims?


  15. The Labour Party has always specialised in spats of a load of rats fighting in a sack while the sack sinks in the river. Still on a scenario of “set fire to the grass and watch the snakes slither out” it serves a purpose, whose is a separate issue.
    And to Dave Platts, your productivity in letters to the Advertiser is commendable but you are becoming boring.


  16. @davidaplattsda
    What you did in the head/topic piece was mix Fact with Opinion and without any separation between them.
    And in doing so you paid Momentum a disservice.
    What you should have done was provide Rothpol with a head/topic piece that contained exactly the same information that was on the Facebook page, along with a link to the Facebook page.
    Once Rothpol published it, you could then have added your personal comment.
    I hope you learn from this f*** up.

    You just confounded the problem in your initial comment. One should never defend the indefensible.
    You write:
    “actually “parasite” is technically a correct description of MPs that disregard the democratic mandate given to Corbyn by the members and use the Labour Party for their own interests, ”
    No it isn’t ! –
    “Kleptoparasite” is technically somewhat nearer the mark, but it is all totally hysterical over the top usage of language to describe other people that way; the words apply purely to observed animal behaviour, (even tho’ some controlling-societies (including one I once lived in) have labelled dissidents as “Social Parasites”).

    Now @Dan I’m signed up to Momentum, but @Dan, you have made me think hard of signing off.

    So, if you haven’t done so already do something useful and go and sign this petition:


    • Don’t usually respond to ANON’s, they hide behind their anonymity, but.You say I mixed Fact with Opinion. You say I have done Momentum a disservice. Is this Fact or your Opinion? I don’t do face book, and neither am I an expert on the protocol of sending posts.I just advertised the meeting to give people a chance to attend. You can come and introduce yourself and take part in a cordial meeting based around defending Corbyn – which as you know, or should know if as you say you are a member of Momentum – or you can stay anonymous and stop at home. It’s entirely up to you.
      With all that is happening in the Party though, I would hope that Momentum supporters would be more concerned with the job in hand rather than the semantics of a poxy little post I made advertising the meeting.
      And by the way, I am Dave Platts,


    • Regular Reader.

      You seem to think there is “a problem”. Well there is a problem, but it is a different and bigger problem than you are going on about. The problem is the extreme media bias against the socially just, peaceful, democratically elected leader of the Labour Party who wants the best for the majority of this country and wishes to stop the Tories forcing the majority to pay for the mistakes of the bankers and neoliberalists. Corbyn is a democratic socialist – the Labour Party is a democratic socialist party (check the back of any membership card). He is promoting democracy and socialism within the party and the country. This is the first leader in a generation that is promoting exactly the policies that the party was founded upon, and the massive support among members and supporters (which gave him the biggest ever mandate – not to be dismissed by any person with any intelligence) illustrates that he is the right person with the right policies.

      The media portrays him as a terrorist, a pacifist, and now a warmonger. Confusing I know. But unfortunately there are those in the party that also portray him in such ridiculous terms, and a lot worse. Yes, Danczuk being one of them; also McTernan. Parasite definition: “a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return”. This is a correct description of these people, at least since the start of the Labour leadership contest. Danczuk (to use the worst example) relies on the membership for his position as a Labour MP. He is giving nothing in return. On the contrary, he is fueling the media frenzy of smears and distortions designed to destroy Corbyn’s leadership and betray the members and supporters of the democratic Labour Party. In doing so he risks destroying the party for a long time – paradoxically he is (intentionally) risking exactly what he accuses Corbyn of (unintentionally) risking. The intent here is very important because it means that Danczuk is wantonly breaking party rules and should be expelled. Also importantly is that Danczuk is wrong. Corbyn has proven time and again that despite the onslaught of negativity in the press, including especially the BBC whose sometimes subtle but sometimes blatant choice of words or guests in almost every show is biased in favour of the “mainstream” and the Tory government.

      Although Danczuk is the worst example of MPs creating problems for the party, there are many other MPs that are doing this in a more subtle fashion. Although “Blairites” is a broad brush, it is a convenient way to describe those that wish to discourage democratic debate and policy-making by the membership (like the Blair leadership did), or those that are happy to go to war without strong evidence that this will have an overall benefit (like the Blair leadership were), or those that are happy for our economy to be trusted with the rich elite, big corporate monopolies and speculating bankers (like the Blair leadership were).

      Now, Regular Reader, it is good that you joined Momentum so that you may have the opportunity to discuss and debate such issues face-to-face at meetings. The meetings can be used to come to democratic majority decisions on the “official” position of the local Momentum group. I’m surprised that a couple of comments by a couple of individuals on this site would be enough to put you off a national grassroots organisation such as Momentum, especially as I feel you have overreacted to the use of a couple of derogatory words, and especially as you have done far worse by using a profanity.

      Let’s just take a step back and have a look at the big issues – then debate them properly.


      • Corbyn is a relic from the past, a defunct ideology which even our comrades from another countries are getting rid of. You don’t hear the Russians and the Chinesse, extolling the virtues of they communists past, because they’ve realise it never work. Even Cuban is coming in from the cold.

        He and his wishful thinking dipsticks, seem to think that everything can be paid for by the state, however the state has to earn the money from somewhere to provide these services. Hence an modern, productive encomony. The more people look at this man and his cronies, the more they see a loser in waiting. They sound more and more like ISIS, promises for tomorrow which can’t be for filled.


  17. Well, if defending ordinary people against corporate greed and wanting a fairer society and and a better deal for the poor and t
    rying to find a more positive way to peace than bombing the hell out of people is wishful thinking, then call me a dipstick… And while we are on it, let’s try using a little less abusive language, shall we?
    Oh hang on! That’s another aspect of politics JC is trying to change…well, what a moron, he must be!!!


    • IMO if Labour had won in 2010 the chances of the Jay Report being commissioned and Operation Stovewood being mounted would have been nil. It was in fact only after their electoral demise that the pace of gang CSE prosecutions picked up to the point where we can now say significant progress is being made. Labour simply had too much to hide.

      Also IMO the further left you go, the worse it gets

      “The problem with child abuse, for someone like Corbyn, is that it dosen’t slot neatly into a hard left paradigm. The various child abuse scandals raise some uncomfortable issues for the left.

      One is whether some left-wing politicians and local authorities put identity politics – gay rights, multiculturalism – above the protection of children; evidence from Islington in the 1980s to the recent child exploitation scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham suggests pretty conclusively that they did.”

      Cryer on Livingstone

      “When Keighley’s problem was out in the open, she claimed to have talked about the issue with Ken Livingstone, then mayor of London, at City Hall. According to Cryer, “Ken was convinced I had got it all wrong. He was so politically correct, he was off this planet at that time, was Ken.”

      Rotherham and Rochdale and Telford etc etc weren’t detected by the left’s politically correct sensors. It just did not compute, these were the wrong type of victims and the wrong type of abusers, they were dumbfounded and could only react by chucking out copious quantities of chaff in the form of outraged squawks of racism and Islamophobia. This was especially grotesque given that the abuse suffered by the victims and their families was racially and religiously aggravated, if not actually motivated as such.

      What really, really hurts is that the people who the left discarded were the very descendants of those cruelly exploited mill and factory workers who the Labour Party was founded to protect in the first place!.

      Of course one shouldn’t be unduly judgemental but for me this condemns the British Left forever and for all time.


    • When you claim you were defending the ordinary people, does that include the 1400+ children who were brutally raped and abused, by your Multicultural policies, which allow the Pakistani’s to roam the streets, unabated for decades and deliberately select little white girls and devile them?. See Corbyn had nothing to say about that subject, in fact he’s been conspicuous by his silence, along with his low life of apologists, who so readily populate this party. Remember this problem is not isolated in Rotherham, but countrywide.

      Abusive, so your augment is that it ok to Committ crime againist the innocence children, then sweep it under the carpet, in the persuit of communtiy cohension. A truly conviction Polictican is someone that will stand in for the rights of everybody, not just for the few who may vote for the. Perhaps if he and others in this party had paid attention to the ordinary working people , they so claim to represent, perhaps more people would believe in them.

      Prediction Labour Party, the collective of losers.


      • Fair comment

        Link 1 post above makes the point

        “Another is the failure of left-wing councils and trade unions to support whistleblowers in scandals involving the public sector – something shockingly evident in Islington, and later in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the sexual health workers and youth workers who tried to expose what was going on were ignored, derided and bullied into silence. Honest politicians on the left will acknowledge and face up to these issues, and think about how we can do things differently in the future; not ignore them”

        Honest politicians of the left?

        There aren’t any

        Oddball Ed of Stone fame’s first public reaction to Rotherham was to play the well worn Jimmy Savile get out of jail card

        “It gets worse for Miliband. He then renewed his challenge for the Government to accelerate its “over-arching inquiry” into child abuse scandals, including the abuse committed by the disgraced Jimmy Savile.”

        Read more:

        Pass the sick bucket Alice, as Private Eye used to say


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  19. Momentum may be the new name for some old political far left warriors but they do seem to be punching above their weight.
    At a local level let’s see if they can influence each of our three MPs to vote against the bombing of Syria, I hope they can.
    Corbyn has been drowned out by the MSM, he is right to call for measures to be taken to stop the funding of ISIS via Saudi and other sympathetic Gulf States thereby cutting off their access to funds to buy arms.
    As for Turkey and their role in the horror that is Syria, like South Africa in the days of apartheid when individuals made small but important steps to show their abhorrence towards the South African regime I will not be spending any of my money on holidays to Bodrum or purchasing any Turkish produced goods.


    • I’m not sure what Momentum actually is yet, but I suspect that you may be right.
      There is a need for an organisation for the younger people who voted for Corbyn for new ideas, is it Momentum, perhaps not?
      My son and his lady, down in Lewisham joined Labour just to vote for Corbyn – they wanted a new left of centre politics. Their only other home would have been the Greens.

      Kevin Barron has written to me saying that he would be voting with the government – after I had written to him asking him not to. I am pissed off with him, but nothing’s new.

      Turkey under Ertogan is not a nice place, But Republic of South Africa is now a good place to go for a holiday, and Capo Verde is a fine and closer destination.


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