Oldham by-election: Tax scandal rocks Labour’s Jim McMahon

Oldham by-election: Tax scandal rocks Labour’s Jim McMahon

LABOUR’S candidate in the crucial Oldham West by-election was embroiled in a row over tax avoidance last night as his party conceded that it could lose the ultra-safe seat to Ukip with voters going to the polls today.

In a development that has rocked the Labour campaign in the former Lancashire mill town, the party’s candidate Jim McMahon, who is also leader of the council, has denied knowing that a company he is a director of is involved in a tax avoidance scheme in Luxembourg.

It comes as senior Labour sources have conceded that the party could lose a seat to Ukip which gave it a 15,000 majority at the general election in May.


Full list of declared candidates:

Conservative: James Daly

Green Party: Simeon Hart

Labour: Jim McMahon

Liberal Democrat: Jane Brophy

Monster Raving Loony: Sir Oink A-Lot

UKIP: John Bickley

7 thoughts on “Oldham by-election: Tax scandal rocks Labour’s Jim McMahon

    • If you are Non Muslim, especially White British, then voting Labour in this kind of constituency is like voting for King Herod’s Slay the First Born Party.

      Beyond the committed ideologues it’s rather hard to see why people do – I suppose it’s combination of brain dead tribalism and Stockholm Syndrome.


  1. That would be good, at the same time, can UKIP kick Douglas Carswell out, he is still a Tory and nothing more than a Trojan horse.


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