Breitbart features Moofy

A former Labour Party councillor who reportedly “stifled” local conversations about the Rotherham rape gangs and Muslim grooming scandal has been spotted out campaigning with the party’s candidate Jim McMahon for the Oldham West and Royton by-election. The vote, to be held tomorrow, is believed to be increasingly close, with the UK Independence Party candidate John Bickley snapping at the heels of Mr. McMahon following the death of Labour’s MP Michael Meacher.

14 thoughts on “Breitbart features Moofy

  1. If there was anymore proof of how low Labour will stoop to win votes, here it is. He’s been only brought in to shore up the Pakistani vote, something he did in Rotherham, which allow 1400+ children to be raped and abused. Lessons learnt hey!!! This Party is truly the lowest of the low.


  2. And yet the majority of Rotherham people will still vote Labour in the next election. One section’s excuse is that they are thick and and have no idea what’s gone on and still goes on, the other section have always voted Labour and don’t care as long as it doesn’t directly affect them. What’s another reason for voting Labour in Rotherham? I can’t think of one.

    Wait for it………What’s the alternative??


    • Taxman . I live in Rotherham , I’m not thick and I don’t think the rest of Rotherham are, the postal vote is what gets labour in power , why do you think st Sarah is all for the minority’s


      • Labour haven’t held Rotherham for donkeys years purely on immigrant’s postals votes. I never said everyone was thick, I said some people who have a problem with RMBC and it’s not fit for purpose status will still vote Labour because it’s what they’ve always done.


    • just ask the to make there mark. Most of these clowns haven’t a clue what there voting for, can’t understand why anybody would waste all that money running an election campaign, when it is obvious, so many of them can not even read the literature.


  3. Talking of scandal ridden ex councillors, I am sure that I saw a certain ex Police and Crime Commisioner skulking around Rawmarsh the other week. What is he upto nowadays?


    • I thought they were only “….considering filing a complaint”,

      I hope they go ahead with one; we need a stress-test on the Individual Electoral Registration system that was brought in after the Birmingham and Tower Hamlet cases.


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