Corbyn rejoices but Farage says Oldham result ‘bent’

Video: Corbyn rejoices but Farage says immigrant vote renders Oldham result ‘bent’

Labour’s overwhelming victory in the Oldham by-election shows how “strong” the party is, Jeremy Corbyn has insisted.

Ukip failed to make widely-predicted advances in the poll, clearing the way for the Labour leader to pass his first electoral test with flying colours as Jim McMahon held the seat with a majority of more than 10,000 despite divisions within the party in the days leading up to the poll.

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13 thoughts on “Corbyn rejoices but Farage says Oldham result ‘bent’

  1. As a Labour Party member of many years…

    Anyone who has electioneering experience knows the postal voting system is well and truly corrupted.
    It is quite commonly talked about within some ranks of the Labour Party, and no doubt others.



  2. Ukip is a one trick pony, getting out of Europe, once we have the referendum , the party will be over. The problem for Labour is most of the people voting for UKIP, in Labour areas are right wing in nature and won’t come back to it. In Tory/Labour marginals, they will vote Tory, hence the conservatives won the last election and will win the one in 2020.


  3. Only about 40% turnout …… And that was more than expected … Labour had just over half of that … is that a good result ? . There is more people against them than there is supports them ..The whole system needs a shake up so that people are more fairly represented … not just in Oldham but throughout the country … and what about the Lib-dems ? can’t even beat the loony party with a majority of 1000 .


  4. The Times is covering the latest on the UKIP allegations, UKIP appear to be rowing back on their allegations.

    If there was any evidence of postal voting being rigged then UKIP had a duty to report it before polling day.


  5. Postal votes turning up at Polling Stations is illegal and the votes should NEVER have been accepted. This is just another instance of the Asian community corrupting our whole system of democracy in this country. It’s a disgrace! We all know that the Asian postal voting in Rotherham is as bent .as a butcher hook and has been for years. It always favoured the Labour party therefore it was welcomed in Rotherham by those bent b******ds in power!


  6. “Postal votes turning up at Polling Stations is illegal and the votes should NEVER have been accepted. ”
    I don’t know where you got that idea from, but it is not correct. As it says here:
    “If you’re too late to post your ballot paper back, you can hand it in to your local Electoral Registration Office or bring it to your local polling station by 10pm on polling day.”


  7. “Complaints were filed with police by the Conservatives and Ukip in Oldham over allegations of electoral fraud at the general election in May this year and last year’s European and local elections.”

    Oldham – vote fraud hot spot

    “Oldham was named as one of 16 local authority areas identified as being at greater risk of complaints of alleged vote-rigging being reported. Others on the list are Birmingham, Blackburn with Darwen, Bradford, Burnley, Calderdale, Coventry, Derby, Hyndburn, Kirklees, Pendle, Peterborough, Slough, Tower Hamlets, Walsall, and Woking.”


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