Trial begins of eight charged with Rotherham child sex abuse offences

Trial begins of eight charged with Rotherham child sex abuse offences

THE trial of six men and two women charged with 74 ofences following the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal is due to begin today.

Police, council and Crown Prosecution Service officials teamed up to launch Operation Clover in response to the Jay report.

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Jury selected as Rotherham child sexual exploitation trial starts

A jury has been provisionally selected for a major trial involving allegations of historic child sexual exploitation offences in Rotherham.Six men and two women face 74 charges between them, with the alleged offences involving 14 different girls and said to have occurred between 1987 and 2003.

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26 thoughts on “Trial begins of eight charged with Rotherham child sex abuse offences

  1. Sometimes the law is blind, justice itself always prevails.

    For many months now many have questioned, and the fact that the so few (the far right) who believed that accountability no longer exists may even have a thought to reflect, that we don’t live in a society that is lawless.

    Accountability is a corner stone of a healthy society, we should not forget that we are all responsible for our actions.


      • Anonymous 5.

        I think you are onto something here.
        Aren’t they the same people who license pub’s, off licenses, gambling and late night fastfood as well. Now they’ll license landlords, they need stopping.

        You sound like a natural born leader, Rotherham has been short of natural born leaders in the past, it’s all out elections next year, Anonymous 5 you my friend could fit the bill to take us to a new low.


    • Your faith in the law is commendable, but misguided. If it wasn’t for Northfolk, Jay, Senior and others , the law would’ve pretended no crimes were committed.


      • Read again, there are no buts it is all inclusive of what you are saying, and all encompassing of what you have left out as well. Misguided may be the wrong word to describe the statement, there is none of the above without Victims/survivors. They (Andrew, Jane, Alexis etc) were just doing their jobs. My faith is in people coming forward they penultimatly will be heard, when the torrent is so great, nothing can stand in the way of accountability.


    • i am a victim of this outside kfc rotherham was the first time. i had brusers all over me staff never phone police was in care at the time i was 11 i cried for help no one was bothered i even set kids home on fire to save us still did nothing. took my school to call and guess what i was a kid in care she lying. i even selfed harmed and overdosed to harm myself i dont do it now byt u have the scars.
      well am 34 now that was the only childhood memory i had now am remembering other things nightmares ..all i can say is if they had liston to us then and they did no what was happening kida could av been saved adulta my age could av been saved from drug abuse losing there kids etc i was sixteen when away i never wanted to look back till now.


      • Hi Jill, another horrifying story of a child failed please reach out for some confidential help and support , I do know a number of victims get together and draw strength from each other at Swinton Lock , please don’t be alone in this ring them , just found the number 01709 578778 x x


      • Hi Jill , one can only imagine the horror you went threw I hope you are able to put your life back on track and as insider said there are people who have Been threw a similar experience as you , if you are able to go to one of the meetings it might help . Sorry you had this crime committed against you and I wish you all the best and a very happy Xmas . Woody


      • I can’t leave my name or details yet as I don’t give evidence on monday and it’s all well and good trying to fix the problem now, at a point in time I have found away to live with it and finally beaten the drugs. I am now sat in my house feeling like that terrified teenager again so I am sorry but I don’t hold much hope for us all suddenly being all better now that it’s all come to light and I am 33 now.


      • Thank you for reply I hope I get to be heard I have a solicitor I just keep myself busy going to work and looking after my children it’s help block it away again.


  2. Yes the Northfolk, Seniors, Jay and Casey were doing their jobs, but they should’ve had to have done them, if the aurthorities had did there jobs properly in the first place. Just think if the same people who so clearly fail to do their jobs, had started in 1997, when the first rumours and cases started appearing, how many children could’ve been saved. How much further down the line of child protection, would’ve we been. The Pakistani’s could’ve been made to address their problem or face the consequences earlier.


    • All of the above said, we all need to show dignity to the victims and survivors of CSE. We mustn’t lose sight and continue with a blame game, ultimately the perpetrators are responsible for the abuse.

      The recommendations made by the two reports (Jay, Casey) should address the failings, what we also need to do is make sure all of the recommendations are being addressed, even by our commissioners.


  3. What’s going on with this? The jury were listed as being sworn in and the case appeared to be progressing according to the crown court listings. But there are no reports. In fact, the reports that there were on the first day on the Star and Rotherham Advertiser (including the one linked to on this article) have been taken down. Seems really odd.


  4. It will be interesting to see how the local paper covers this trial; no doubt it will be regulated to the back pages with the winner of the local budgie show on the front page along with a special four page pull out on all of the budgies.
    The paper should have had its finger on the pulse of this scandal well before the Times covered the crimes, who said that they had fixed the Paper?
    I fully expect they will hide behind political correctness and community cohesion as their excuse for giving the trial a low priority.


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