Police ‘not properly prepared’ to tackle honour-based crime

Police ‘not properly prepared’ to tackle honour-based crime

Police in England and Wales are not adequately prepared to combat so-called honour-based crimes, inspectors say.

In the first review of police responses, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary said three forces out of 43 were completely unprepared and only three were fully prepared.

Well-trained officers capable of spotting victims were spread thinly across England and Wales, HMIC said.

Police chiefs said they were doing all they could to end honour-based abuse.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35035009

Full report etc

The depths of dishonour: Hidden voices and shameful crimes – An inspection of the police response to honour-based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation


Honour-based violence (HBV) is the term used to refer to a collection of practices used predominantly to control the behaviour of women and girls within families or other social groups in order to protect supposed cultural and religious beliefs, values and social norms in the name of ‘honour’. HBV incidents and crimes include specific types of offence, such as forced marriage and female genital mutilation, and acts which have long been criminalised, such as assault, rape and murder. Throughout this report, we use HBV to refer to the full range of incidents and crimes which perpetrators carry out under the guise of maintaining or protecting perceived ‘honour’.

This is the first HMIC inspection to focus on HBV. Our findings are set out in the report, which also contains recommendations for the Home Office, the National Police Chiefs Council, chief constables, and the College of Policing.

HMIC has also published the results of a research project, which includes the first-hand experiences of victims of HBV. This research was carried out by the University of Bristol and in collaboration with the University of Roehampton, on behalf of HMIC.

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The depths of dishonour: Hidden voices and shameful crimes

Get the research report

Victim/survivor voices – a participatory research project

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Every police force must improve its understanding of honour-based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation

18 thoughts on “Police ‘not properly prepared’ to tackle honour-based crime

  1. Yes, here we go again . More time and money having to be spent due to the importation of alien backward cultures so that we can all “celebrate diversity” .
    One day someone needs to sit down and spend some time working out how much time and money has been / is being spent on this failed social experiment called “multiculturalism”.


    • Isn’t Christainity such a nice fit in the modern World. You see the priest when your born, he throws water over you and a few words. Occasionally you might attend a few christenings, funerals and weddings, whereas the priest will make a sarcastic comment about your attentence, being sparse, basically once every few years. Get married yourself, the water bit for your kids, then your funeral. He was a good man and he’s going to heaven blah blah. But even though we have our faith, we done need it to teach us how to treat a fellow human being with respect.


  2. How can our police be prepared for this? For years now they have been ordered by successive governments to “back off” when it comes to dealing with this obscene culture. How can they suddenly learn how to deal with it? The Home Office should be giving guidance and support and give them more powers to eradicate this filthy culture of abuse of women and abuse of others outside their religion and culture.


  3. What preparation do you need when someone murders someone there is no such thing as honour killing in this country, it is pure and simply MURDER there is one law in this country which we ALL should live by the sooner the government realise this the better


    • Absolutely right, Murder, we should’ve to understand it because they should’ve been told along time ago that it was wrong and incompatible with our culture.

      Edited as we don’t discuss religion.


    • @ Fiferalfa;They are not just talking about honour KILLINGS, they are talking about any “honour” retributions. Sending girls back to Pakistan and such places to be raped and abused because they dared to go out with a white boy. Refusing to allow their women to speak English because they might integrate with the filthy white people who gave them a home and many other abuses carried out under the banner of Islam.


  4. 11.17 With hindsight, it is clear that women and girls in the Pakistani community in Rotherham should have been encouraged and empowered by the authorities to speak out about perpetrators and their own experiences as victims of sexual exploitation, so often hidden from sight. The Safeguarding Board has recently received a presentation from a local Pakistani women’s group about abuse within their community. The Board should address as a priority the under-reporting of exploitation and abuse in minority ethnic communities. We recommend that the relevant agencies immediately initiate dialogue about CSE with minority ethnic communities, and in particular with the Pakistani-heritage community. This should be done in consultation with local women’s groups, and should develop strategies that support young women and girls from the community to participate without fear or threat. Jay report.

    The real shame is those charities that brought the plight of victims forward, are now finding they soon shall have to close their doors.

    The police may not be properly prepared with HBV, but those that do are not being fully utilised as partners, if I bring your attention to Apna Haq, a charity supporting victims of such crimes, and is now less than 5 months away from probable closure. I also draw your attention to recommendations made by Jay.

    The law is the same for all, the additional difficulty in HBV is sometimes the victim has no one to turn to in the immediate family.

    The point that is being missed is not, how do we treat a murderer or how we treat an abuser the law is the same for all. The understanding reflects the position of an HBV victim, that they may have no one in the family to turn to, and in some cases they may not be trusting of the authorities (out of the pan and into the fire) to keep them safe from potential additional abuse, also in some cases temporary measures to be placed while an investigation is carried out for the safety of a victim.

    The HBV element needs to be recognised, so that victims can openly engage with authorities, so that this despicable crime in the name of honour can be eliminated. HBV like CSE deserve the full recognition to be addressed.


      • Maybe this is the reason why, in any case I’m not here to say why, under the freedom of information I suggest you contact Apna Haq.

        Charitable Companies

        The ‘charitable company’ (not to be confused with the ‘charitable trading company’) is a form under which charities can now be set up and to which existing charitable associations or trusts can convert. In either case, a company limited by guarantee is set up with special charitable articles, and is registered both at Companies House (as a company) and with the Charity Commission as a charity in its own right. Unlike an unincorporated association or trust, a charitable company, as an incorporated body, can own property, will be liable for its own debts, and can transact business with third parties (i.e. without the need for the trustees to do so on its behalf). As a limited company, the charity will have directors and members; the directors will also be trustees of the charity for the purposes of the Charities Act. The great advantage to those running the charity is that as a limited company, only the charity is liable for its debts and the people behind it are in most circumstances fully protected by limited liability. Charitable companies must make returns and submit accounts on an annual basis to bothCompanies House and the Charity Commission, and must also comply with both charity and company law.

        Charities can now also take on the form of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation, or CIO, as an alternative corporate structure to a company limited by guarantee. CIOs are regulated solely by the Commission.


      • hot spot,
        No that doesn’t provide an answer.
        It says that both forms must be registered with the Charity Commissioners.
        Freedom of Information act applies only to Public Bodies, and whatever Apna Haq is, it definitely isn’t a Public Body. .


      • SIC 2007 Classification for code 88990 Category Q: Human health and social work activities Class 88 other social work without accommodation.

        If you’d looked at the companies house properly, you’d have found it’s SIC code, Apna Haq has a SIC 88990 code.

        The code is inclusive of charitable work, please you do the rest I’m getting bored.


  5. I think we were warned by Enoch Powell back in the 60’s. The Muslim community were brought into do the dirty boring work after the war, if rich industrialists are honest. However it has cost us very dearly in both money to resolve these issues and a divisive society since.


    • S25…
      As the report linked to above rightly points out :
      “HBV is not linked to any one religion, culture or society. It has been identified
      as mainly occurring among populations from South Asia. However, it can
      occur in other cultures and communities, such as African, Middle Eastern,
      Turkish, Kurdish, Afghan, parts of Europe (including the United Kingdom)
      American, Australian and Canadian. HBV is not associated with any particular
      religion or religious practices and has been recorded across a number of
      faiths, including Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities. ”
      … and FGM is widespread in the Christian community of both Ethiopia and Kenya – two countries I know reasonably well.
      Mr Powell’s speech is here:
      I suggest you read it sometime.


      • After reading this bit of the speech …….. I am going to allow just one of those hundreds of people to speak for me: where the story of an old lady goes on about windows smashed etc etc .. I drew some comparisons to the story of a Rotherham woman told by the late Marlene Guest . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5HpQyflZN4 .. When will people realise there is no such thing as integration … these tactics are repeated in towns and cities up and down the country … move into an area and slowly push others out .


  6. You just couldn’t make this up; the police are not sufficiently trained or experienced to deal with cases of murder (honour killings) and physical assault (FGM) , the politically correct left have something to answer for when they mask the true nature of pre-meditated murders as being part of a minority communities culture.


  7. Regarding apna haq, how can a charity (if it is one) discriminate threw race or religion, just had a look on its website and it’s only for Asian women and children . Is that legal?


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