Gets where water can’t?

This interesting page, illuminates just how far, the ‘charlatan’ Muhbeen Hussain, will go to to court publicity. Click on image below, to view:





I was just checking that TellMama was not a charity – when I came across this page:

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Another link to Muhbeen and his exploits:

and one from his ‘pretend uncle’ Mahroof Hussain:


9 thoughts on “Gets where water can’t?

  1. From CSE denier, Muslim youth , anti Britain First rallies, boycotts and vigilantism , media appearance and now an expert on Hate crimes. Truly he’s cram so much knowledge and expertise in such a young life. We are honour to have such a capable person within our mists. Pity he’s a lying, maliputive, devious toe rag, defending rapists and child abusers.

    Did someone on this organisation, not ask him weather what his community did to those 1400+ little white girls, was hate crimes?


  2. One needs to scroll down a bit to see our local hero – Muhbeen H in all his glory – what a star!

    “Muhbeen Hussain is the Founding member and Chief Executive of the British Muslim Youth (BMY). He has uniquely proven with is abilities that young people can make positive, lasting impacts within society. From a very tender age, he began his journey proving himself as a young activist. He slowly moved from local youth cabinets, local community engagement projects to working on national initiatives, including with the British Home Office.
    Muhbeen has further worked on a number of different platforms (both in a personal capacity and connected to his role within BMY), from advisory panels on community cohesion, policing ,countering violent extremism etc. His contribution on certain topic areas has gained great recognition, for example he has advised National Governments and diplomats on Countering Violent Extremism at a European level.
    One of his major successes has been through his effectiveness in engaging with people on the grass roots, to really connect them through the correct networks and enable their voices to be heard. Alongside this, he regularly delivers speeches at various prestigious events and also is a contributor and leading voice on many national media platforms.”

    I find it even less credible than his uncle’s Wikipedia selfie-page was – before it was removed.


    • Unfortunately our left liberal BBC friends, like Victoria Derbyshire, just suck it up

      As of course is also the case with Question Time favourite and ranting fanatic Mehdi Hasan who is in great form in the vid below – in addition to the more predictable litany he apparently has serious issues with dog and music lovers

      And also with “fasiqs”

      Whatever that might mean.


  3. This Lying little b******d obviously wrote this himself or that stupid little girl, Champion did it for him. The trouble is, there are certain people in high office believe this little s**t which makes him a very dangerous individual. Anyone with a grain of common sense wouldn’t give him the time of day but he certainly should be on the suspect extremist/terrorist list!


  4. The less than flattering term “charlatan” can justly be applied to the whole Tell Mama outfit

    “A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.
    The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.”

    Amusingly Fiyaz Mughal was described by a Mr Tim Burton on social media of being “a grievance mongering, taqiya artist”. Ever ready to take up the cudgels in such matters of community cohesion WMP obligingly prosecuted Mr Burton for “racially aggravated harassment”

    Sadly for Mughal and WMP when it came to court(2014) Burton was found not guilty.

    Mughal also complained to the Press Complaints Commission about Andrew Gilligan’s Telegraph articles regarding his organisation – this too was chucked out; shame that.


  5. muhbeen is trying to get as much as publicity as he can hence him joining forces with Tell Mama. i wonder if muhbeen is in court supporting his family bostans which muhbeen has been very quiet on. if a guilty verdict is returned, intrigued by muhbeens response


  6. What do we know about this character?
    How does he fund his lifestyle?
    Has he ever worked in full time employment and been subject to PAYE?
    Are there family connections with the individuals who have previously been convicted of CSE and those now facing allegations of CSE?
    How does an 18 year old become the director of a property company, Kingsway with its office at the Elms, Doncaster Road, Rotherham?
    Had any of the properties in the Kingsway portfolio (that is if there were any) been used for CSE?
    Is he eligible to be paid expenses or a salary from BMY?
    Has he ever claimed benefits?
    Is he connected to the Labour Party?

    In the context of the emerging details of the CSE case now in the Sheffield crown court you have to ask yourself why would he lead BMY to boycott the police?


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