“Pimp” Karen MacGregor’s home “like Hansel and Gretel house”

“Pimp” Karen MacGregor’s home “like Hansel and Gretel house”

AN ALLEGED sex abuse victim who claims she was attacked on the way home from the cinema likened “pimp” Karen MacGregor’s home to the witch’s house in fairytale Hansel and Gretel, saying it was “shiny and inviting but soon turned horrible”.

The woman, now aged 38, said she lived with MacGregor — who faces four sex crime charges — in Highfield Road in Greasbrough when she was 15.


Rotherham sex abuse trial: Female ‘pimp’ treated girls ‘like Hansel and Gretel’

A woman accused of inviting vulnerable teens to live at her home so they could be ‘pimped’ out to Asian men treated the girls ‘like Hansel and Gretel’, a court heard.

One of the women who lived with Karen MacGregor in Rotherham when she was aged around 14 or 15 claimed at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday that she was pressured to have sex with older men.

Read more: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/rotherham-sex-abuse-trial-female-pimp-treated-girls-like-hansel-and-gretel-1-7623514#ixzz3uJuJUXqo

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