Remember when we were told, CSE was a myth?

Brought to our attention once more.

Rotherham Politics

Not long after the first rumblings of the enormous problem Rotherham has, a blog by the name of Roth Brad Politics came into existence.

On the 23 January 2013 this post appeared. It gives many clues as to the arguments being exploited to justify inaction, because it didn’t exist!

That ‘myth’ has been de-bunked. Those that wrote this post and those providing supportive comments, should be thoroughly ashamed of their own part in this deception.*

Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation

Posted on January 23, 2013

“Having read some outlandish allegations against Rotherham Council and some Councillors on the now discredited blog RP concerning child exploitation and the role of some taxi drivers alluded to in the select committee, I sent a simple e mail to some of the Cllrs and below is the response from the Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar
The training session held…

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1 thought on “Remember when we were told, CSE was a myth?

  1. Readers may recall another social media site running in parallel with the Rotherham Bradford blog, its content and tone looked suspiciously like the Bradford blog.
    You do have to question the motives of those individuals behind both sites, was it an attempt to gag and intimidate anyone from speaking out about what was really happening to children in Rotherham?
    Looking at both sites following local and national media coverage of CSE in Rotherham I would suggest that their motives were not in the best interests of the children.


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