Rotherham sex abuse trial: Alleged abuse victim ‘had no choice’

Rotherham sex abuse trial: Alleged abuse victim ‘had no choice’

An alleged victim of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham said she felt she had no choice when asked to perform sex acts on several men.

The woman told Sheffield Crown Court she was just 12 when she was picked up from a children’s home and abused by Basharat Hussain and two other men.

She also said she had been taken to Blackpool and raped by several men.

Mr Hussain, who denies the claims, is one of seven people on trial over alleged child abuse in Rotherham.

The witness, who cannot be named due to the nature of the allegations, told jurors said she was first abused after she and a friend were taken out for a meal by Mr Hussain and a number of other Asian males.

She said: “I felt very grown up. They took us out and paid for the meal. I did not feel I could say no.”

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5 thoughts on “Rotherham sex abuse trial: Alleged abuse victim ‘had no choice’

  1. Rothpol, The time spent on Legal Submissions doesn’t seem exceptional, and certainly not for a case like this one – and in any case it just has to be accepted.
    Any idea how many weeks the case is expected to last?



      • Rothpol, I wasn’t criticising what you wrote, just commenting – it is a complex case.
        What would be interesting is a list of all the barristers and which of the accused they are representing.
        I see that Solicitors involvements are already being mentioned.


  2. I hope all those councillors, MPs, Police Officers and Social Workers are following this child and are truly feeling ashamed of themselves for what they didn’t do to stop all of this.


  3. Why does the report refer to “Mr Hussain” ? It is the norn, in press reports, for the accused to be referred to by their full name at the start and then by their surname only thereafter ?!


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