Rotherham Labour Party: A Welcome to New Members

The nominees list for Officer posts of Rotherham Constituency Labour party is educational.

What do we learn ?

8 out 17, almost 50%, went unfilled, without anyone willing to put themselves forward.

Not one Kashmiri offered to undertake an UNPAID officer post, posts that are essential for its legal existence never mind organizing campaigning and the election processes.

So, a lesson for the enthusiastic new members who have recently joined Labour;

You can deliver leaflets, knock doors, raise funds, run a raffle, bake cakes, attend every meeting and put hours into managing and administering the local Party.


In central Rotherham at Councilor candidate selection time, a PAID post, you will suddenly see thirty or forty previously unseen people attend the meeting, never having delivered a leaflet, raised a penny, knocked on a door or expressed an opinion

They will vote for someone who had only been to a few meetings immediately prior to selection.

Several may not know what name they have joined under; a few will neither speak nor understand English. All sit awaiting instructions from others. I have seen people point out who they are to vote for.

Shortly after election the “new” Councilor selected and campaigned for will be rarely attending Ward or CLP meetings. When they do you will ask questions but get no answers.

AT CLP and Ward meetings, If you push hard there will occasionally will be debate about racism, or poverty or crime. Possibly your Ward Councilor didn’t bother attending…or when present said nothing.

Forget about discussing the environment (boring), local issues (too petty), CSE (ooops, a bit embarrassing), jobs (too hard), Europe (we repeat the Party mantra) and banking (they keep their money under the bed or in property.)

Unless it is about Palestine or the middle east, when all is excitement in the fevered rush to condemn Israel or the USA, and out of the blue your MP, a nice, well-spoken white woman from middle England, turns into an expert on Palestine..or even Azad Kashmir.

You will ask what will now happen to the resolution you sweated over and be told it will be elevated to another committee…that is nothing, and it will be gone like yesterday’s chip papers.

A year or so on, diligently delivering leaflets, sometimes in wet freezing weather, the sleet dripping down your neck, local fascists dogs biting your finger; you will realise that since the first photo opportunity and tweet you haven’t seen your Cllr doing the same. You may bump into one of the 30/40 who selected him/her and they will scuttle away not even embarrassed by their lack of contribution.

Wet and cold, with a bag full of leaflets you will wonder what you are doing here.

Welcome to the Rotherham Labour Party, your money and sweat are welcome. I wonder why 50% of officers posts are vacant?

7 thoughts on “Rotherham Labour Party: A Welcome to New Members

  1. Debates are rare but grudgingly given.

    Bullying and intimidation still too common to shut people up.

    Cllrs collude to ensure motions are mostly wrecked. Cant have people talkin politics at meetings or policy bein deferred to nec.

    Campaigning is not on real issues like fracking but delivering cllrs leaflets


  2. Query

    so cllrs who are known for not holding own water never mentioned about cse seminars to others or to MPs over a long period?

    Strange neither did council or police officers

    flying pigs

    so much for openess.

    Strange. If its over a leaflet no problem in comms


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