Rotherham MP calls for tougher sentences for those who abuse older teens

Rotherham MP calls for tougher sentences for those who abuse older teens

A Roterham MP is calling for people who sexually exploit older teenagers to receive tougher sentences because 16 and 17-year-olds are still children.

Sarah Champion said the capacity of older teenagers to consent to sex could be ‘impaired through an imbalance of power between a child and a perpetrator’, as well as by drugs or alcohol.

And she called on Government to help raise awareness of the vulnerability of older teenagers, who were ‘treated like adults and not afforded the additional protections given in law to younger children’.

Ms Champion made the comments during a House of Commons debate about older teenagers at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation.

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17 thoughts on “Rotherham MP calls for tougher sentences for those who abuse older teens

  1. Here is an idea …. what about tougher sentences for sexual offenders who abuse persons of ANY age ?. S. Chumpion realised she has not took enough credit for anything lately …..


  2. i think that the age of consent should be raised to 18. I came across a 16 year old being used by a 60 year old man, which I referred onto her family.


      • It was brought to my attention by my partner at the time and she asked me to contact her family through her Grandma, which I did. However the police don’t see things as a crime, once they are 16, even though the guy was old enough to be her Grand father.


    • Interestingly there is quite a wide variation across Europe with regard to ages of consent. Ranges from 14 to 18 which in itself opens up another debate about free movement. In the US it varies from 16 to 18 depending on the state whilst in Mexico it can be anything from 12 to 18.


      • We all live longer and most children are far less responsible than even I was back in the 70’s, never mind the fighter pilots and soldiers who fought for this country in the 1940’s.


  3. Not needy, just a silly girl who tried to play the game, but the chickhens are coming home to roost. Am just imaging a certain picture which will come back to haunt her and her kind. They say a pict is worth a thousands words, will take more like a million to explain, who she was bedfellows with, excuse the pun.


  4. Anonymous i must commend you for your support of RMBC regarding their debt i live in the borough and my concern is NOT what other council debts maybe but what the debts of this council are you obviously think paying £29 million pounds a year just on interest is fine this is money that could be better used on other things. I then refer to your answer on the age of consent where another rothpol user suggests raising it you then start quoting different ages throughout different parts of the world as i yet again point out it is what the age of consent is in the UK it does not matter what it maybe elswhere and ms champion should remember the victims of the cse scandal were not all 16 or 17 yr


    • Sarah Champion does remember that a lot of these girls were under the age of 16, the whole point of her sudden compaign, is to deflect attention from more pressing and unanswerable questions of bad choices, in particular the company she choose to associate with. Doesn’t look too good or geniue, if your going around hobknobing with a certain side, when there the ones at fault. She choose her bed of nails to lay on, too late now to start complaining it’s uncomfortable.


  5. Sarah Champion, Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse.

    A reasonable ask by Sarah, tougher sentences for those who abuse teens.

    In the bigger scheme of things it should be universally asked, as abuse is always connected to power influence on someone who is vulnerable.

    Being vulnerable doesn’t have a teenage cut off point.


    • Perhaps one of the biggest abusers are the aurthoties, you know the ones who see a wrong and fail to correct it and use their advantages of power, to prevent others from stopping it. If people are held accountable for their responsibilities , then there more likely to do the job properly in the first place.


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