Best Editorial of 2015 – A Heinous Crime – Star Editors Opinion

By far the best Editorial of 2015, from the Star Editor:

A Heinous Crime – Star Opinion

Star Opinion 5th February 2015.

These hard hitting words, sum up the heinous nature of these crimes. One person dead and at least 1400 victims. Time to absorb the seriousness of this depravity and act:

ROTHERHAM CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL – EDITOR’S OPINION: A little girl was raped with a broken bottle, and yet former Council Leader and Police and Crime Commissioner refused to answer questions in interview

CHILDREN were sexually exploited in Rotherham by Pakistani men, en masse.

That is an undisputed fact: concrete evidence bears this out, and yet when the latest Government official to look under Rotherham Council’s rock did so, she found not an authority determined to right some heinous wrongs, but a hunkered down posse of belligerent bullies who were adamant that both Professor Alexis Jay and now Louise Casey were incompetent fantasists who’d made a mountain out of a molehill.

The ‘upstanding’ members of the council under investigation told Casey that there wasn’t an issue, and in fact that it was the fault of people like me; the media was out to get them, they said, and they’d done nothing wrong. Casey discovered public figures of senior authority who were more bothered about protecting their good name than they were the people who needed their protection the most.

‘That Jay woman is talking rubbish. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Don’t worry, folks. As you were.’

That was the attitude Casey encountered. As she puts it, ‘a resolute denial of what has happened in the borough’. I’m afraid that is unforgivable.

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