ROTHERHAM: THE PERFECT STORM – An investigation in to Muslim grooming gangs

ROTHERHAM: THE PERFECT STORM – An investigation in to Muslim grooming gangs

I did not intend to publish this, as I could not complete the work I had set out to do, but I have decided instead to write a personal account of an attempt I made to find out how many girls have been groomed, gang-raped, and prostituted by organised gangs in England over the last five years. I do it obviously not to provide ground-breaking statistics – but to contribute to the national discussion on the phenomenon of so-called “Asian” grooming gangs that has been taking place since the publication of the Jay Report in to widespread sexual abuse, gang-rape, and torture of at least 1,400 young girls in the town of Rotherham in Yorkshire.

The first thing to report is that this figure is simply not obtainable by a member of the public, at least not if you hope to be in any way close to accurate. I am not the first to undertake this effort. A similar attempt was made by the office of the Children’s Commissioner in 2012. That investigation also concluded that an accurate figure could not be obtained.

However, in investigating the matter myself, I found widespread and continuing (despite the Jay Report) lack of any coherent recording of or response to organised gang-rape. What stands out particularly is the lack of data held by local authorities, who in almost all cases, kept no numeric data on children under their care who have reported sexual assault or rape. In almost all cases, I was informed that this information could not be provided as it would take authority staff outside of the 18 hour working time they are obliged to perform on freedom of information requests. The reason it would take longer than 18 hours to provide the data, is that it would entail reading separately through the individual files of all children in their care. In other words, even post-Rotherham, most councils are not attempting to separately record sexual assaults on children under their care, or to paint a broader picture of the problem.

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9 thoughts on “ROTHERHAM: THE PERFECT STORM – An investigation in to Muslim grooming gangs

    • Typical lefty shoot the messenger response, Ms Walters has provided a great deal of information in that blog but all you can do is snidely dismiss it – as indeed has been the case with Labour and the liberal left for many years now. Those who deny are complicit in the horrific epidemic.

      What do you say to the authors of the Oxford Serious Case Review? Got any snidey digs you’d like to get in?

      “The report said: “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable, and prevention will need both national understanding, communication and debate, and also work with faith groups at a local level.”

      They recommended that

      “With a significant proportion of those found guilty nationally of group CSE being from a
      Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage, relevant government departments should research
      why this is the case, in order to guide prevention strategies.”

      AFAIK nothing along these lines has been forthcoming, hence Anne-Marie Walters exasperation. It’s no great no suprise that there appears to have been no response to the recommendation for research at national level, as the so-called public services are thoroughly infested and infected with the kind of political correctness that dismisses Ms Walters entirely justified comment out of hand.

      Denial = Complicity = Guilt.


  1. “The conditions in Rotherham provided the ‘perfect storm’ for child sex abuse to take place. Few effective processes were in place and simple law enforcement was overlooked as an option for the prevention of this abuse. Instead, numerous ‘committees’ which had little to no effect, were established and seen as an appropriate response. This, combined with dismissal of the complaints of victims, and a culture of appeasement with regard to ethnic minority groups, created a town where a serious crime was committed, over and over again, with effective impunity.”

    We now know that Stone and Akhtar, when they weren’t flying around Europe to attend the various seminars on the Roma, were on these numerous ineffective committees.


  2. Investigation in to Muslim grooming gangs

    “I did not intend to publish this, as I could not complete the work I had set out to do.”

    What a load of rubbish, what a waste of life.

    Judge jury and executioner.


  3. You would’ve thought after what happen in Rotherham, every local authority would’ve had these figures to hand, to help them fight this curse. Alas, perhaps they already know how bad it is, there keeping low and quiet.


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  5. An updated version of my 2014 book “Easy Meat” has just been published. There’s an entire chapter given over to Rotherham, and an analysis of the Jay Report and the Casey Report. I hypothesize on the role which Rotherham is intended to play in cauterizing this scandal, which has been allowed to run now for three decades. It can be bought from Amazon (in either ebook or hard copy formats). There are several knew chapters in the book, and new data in the Appendices too. Here is the link to the book on Amazon. You may have a system in place to remove links from comments – anyone can find the book by simply searching Amazon for this phrase from the subtitle “Grooming Gang Scandal”.

    If you wold like to feature the book alongside the other books featured on your other site, I’d be grateful. The 2014 edition was almost completely ignored by the media. I expected this, and the book is intended for a future audience. It exists to show that despite all their claims to the contrary, the authorities knew these gangs existed, and they looked the other way and left them to their terrible activities.

    My website will contain supplementary material. Of particular use are the aggregated conviction details concerning those gangs who have been jailed. I know of no other site collating this information.


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