John Bercow ‘avoiding scrutiny’ of alcohol problems at Westminster

John Bercow ‘avoiding scrutiny’ of alcohol problems at Westminster

John Bercow has been accused of dodging scrutiny by suppressing reports detailing the scale of alcohol problems at parliament.

The Speaker has invoked a controversial loophole in the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act to withhold material thought to raise concerns about the extent of drinking in Westminster’s subsidised bars.

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4 thoughts on “John Bercow ‘avoiding scrutiny’ of alcohol problems at Westminster

  1. Unless stupid or abused laws are challenged in the courts and struck down, no amount of slick words, tortuous semantics, linguistic gymnastics or verbal cathartic placebos will ever make any difference.
    The creation and maintenance of the illusory bubble of being ‘on the people’s side’ inevitably bursts when hollow words designed to give a warm and fuzzy feeling whilst actually doing nothing are seen for the patronising claptrap they really are.
    The hypocrisy of those using these tactics, for purely personal gain as well as part of the containment agenda to maintain the status quo, is again exposed.
    As seen on other web sites, Government is broken, corrupt, and in reality is the enemy of the people.
    No matter how high any person, they are not above the law.
    If a law is abused, it cannot stand.
    Section 36(20(dc) is falsely quoted and is not engaged.
    Parliament has, yet again, shown sheer and utter contempt for the law, and sets an example for the rest of the country to follow..
    WHY has the Judiciary done NOTHING ? Is the Judiciary inextricably entangled in and a willing party to the obscenity that, regardless of politics, is a pathetic excuse for a corrupt, self-serving and dysfunctional government?
    Meanwhile, how many other public authorities have abused the FoIA and invented purely specious and fatuous reasons for falsely claiming engagement of exemptions for no reasons other than political pragmatism, damage limitation, reputation management, and personal avoidance of the responsibility for the consequences of one’s own actions ?
    Happy New Year


    • Didn’t Bercow’s predecessor Gorbals Mick Martin, now Baron Martin of Springburn, have years of MPs expenses files shredded because they predated the FOI and couldn’t be accessed and now Cameron wants big changes made to the FOI.


      • When your not part of the privilege elite, it’s often nice to be seen to criticise these excesses, however once you become one of the snouts in the trouts, why bite the hand that feeds you.


  2. All subsidies to mp’s and civil servents should be stopped they are paid emough already for what they do or do not do they care nothing for the people they say they represent


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