Simon Danczuk’s exes at war over new threat to his career as first wife sells ‘seedy sex stories’

Simon Danczuk’s exes at war over new threat to his career as first wife sells ‘seedy sex stories’

As Labour MP’s first wife describes him as sexually perverted, his selfie-loving second former spouse opens fire in his defence

The first wife of Simon Danczuk, the MP caught up in a sex-text scandal, has claimed he was an abusive husband, pestered her for sex and took drugs.

Sonia Rossington, 39, accused Mr Danczuk of being a “sexual predator” during their 10 year marriage. She told the Mail On Sunday her ex-husband “relentlessly pestered her for sex” and wanted to “spank” her.

It comes as Mr Danczuk, 49, MP for Rochdale, is suspended from the Labour Party for sending salacious text messages to a 17-year-old girl. The revelations further raise the prospect Mr Danczuk could be expelled from the party.

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Simon Danczuk: Suspended Labour MP says he has a ‘drink problem’ and that ‘younger women are his Achilles heel’

Danczuk said being ‘drunk, horny and on my own’ led him to send the explicit messages

The suspended Labour MP Simon Danczuk has reportedly admitted younger women are his “Achilles heel” and said that he sent sexually explicit messages to a 17-year-old girl because he was “drunk, horny and on my own”.

Mr Danczuk, 49, told The Sun he had a “drink problem” that led to his behaviour, which he described as “inappropriate” in an apology after being suspended from the Labour party.

“Younger women are my Achilles heel,” he said. “Some men like older women, some like younger women, some like brunettes, some like blondes.”

He explained how three of his relationships were with women between 10 and 17 years younger than him.

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Labour moves to expel Danczuk

Simon Danczuk will be accused of breaching his duty of care to a potential employee in an attempt to kick him permanently out of the Labour party after he admitted exchanging sex messages with a 17-year-old girl.

Senior figures have told The Sunday Times that a case that Danczuk abused his position “looks proven” after the young woman asked whether she could work in his office, and that will be enough to banish him from Labour for good.

The 49-year-old MP for Rochdale, who made his name campaigning against child abuse and exposed Cyril Smith as a paedophile, was suspended last week by the party after it emerged that he had exchanged messages with Sophena Houlihan, a student who lives with her mother in his constituency.

Danczuk, who has four children with his two ex-wives, told Houlihan in one message last year that he was “horny” and asked if she wanted him to “spank” her. He is now under investigation by Labour’s national executive committee.

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My years of abuse by sex text MP: Ex-wife of disgraced Danczuk claims he bullied her into ‘sly, awful sex while she was asleep’ – then said ‘It’s the deal, you are my wife’ when she complained

Sonia Rossington, 39, claims that Labour MP Simon Danczuk  is a ‘sexual predator’ who drove her into therapy with drug and alcohol-fuelled bullying. Mr Danczuk, 49, a campaigner against child sexual abuse, has been suspended by the Labour Party after he offered to ‘spank’ a 17-year-old girl in a lurid exchange of text messages.

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Younger women are my Achilles heel, admits shamed MP Simon Danczuk as it emerges 17-year-old ‘sex text victim’ is a dominatrix who once sold toenail clippings for £10 a time


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