Pandering to the bloc vote again

Pandering to the bloc vote again

Danczuk’s personal conduct is one thing, what matters far more is that he is an opportunistic fraud who deliberately diverted attention away from “Asian” grooming in his own constituency and of course much further afield. Danczuk has been heavily involved in East Lancs politics for many years – and yet it was only after the conclusion of the 3rd Rochdale grooming trial in May 2012 that he went public over it. Are we supposed to buy that? Are we suppose to believe that the only Labour councillor, MP, minister or indeed member who ever knew of the horrific decades long epidemic was Ann Cryer?

It is popularly supposed that Danczuk outed Cyril Smith – he didn’t, Smith had been exposed many years before by a Rochdale free newspaper

This was then taken up by Private Eye

So Smith’s proclivities were well known when Danczuk saw fit to attend a blue plaque ceremony in Rochdale in October 2011 in honour of the fat one.

It was 12 months later that Danczuk fearlessly “exposed” Smith under Parliamentary privilege and about 6 months after the conclusion of the 3rd Rochdale grooming trial when the lid was well and truly off “Asian” grooming and the Labour Party was looking for a handy diversion.

Then Danczuk “co-authored” the book “Smile for the Camera” about Smith(actually written almost entirely by his political aide Matthew Baker). This shifted the focus away from the grooming gangs and onto a dead political opponent – a process paralleled by the activities of Tom Watson(who has the same grooming gangs/bloc vote dynamics in the Black Country). Thus a huge diversionary smokescreen of media hype was manufactured to deliberately and knowingly divert attention away from what we now tend to call “Rotherham model” abuse.

Where should Dancuk have focused the spotlight if he really was a genuine abuse campaigner? What should he have written a book about?

The fat deceased cremated lard mountain, or the “free and respectable members of the community” in Rochdale(ex-DC Margaret Oliver) who remained unprosecuted, or indeed the continuing epidemic group/gang grooming abuse in that sadly benighted borough that was known to be on going?


8 thoughts on “Pandering to the bloc vote again

  1. Danczuuk on news night bragging that he likes younger women saying his first wife was ten years younger and his second seventeen years younger his last girl friend also seventeen years younger. He justifies his position by stating we all have different tastes, so if we examine this theory then he could be seen to be defending the very people he allegedly was fighting to expose, the groomers and paedophiles. The Labour Party needs to rid themselves of yet another hypocrite. He also gets paid by a company that follows him around taking pictures of him and selling them to the tabloids and he gets a share of the money. He is typical of a Blairite plonker. He is symptomatic of the new labour rump, Corbyn also needs to have the guts to choose his own shadow cabinet and get rid of the Benn traitor he has to keep fath with the rank and file who elected him not the parliamentary Lbour party.
    Dave Smith


    • You are spot on Dave. Have you noticed too, that all the MP’s who have formed an active bloc in the party to stab Corbyn and the new movement in the back, also voted for bombing, and are against re-selection and the democratic wishes of conference.
      Wonder why?


    • He does need to be removed, but the grotesque Rotherham/Rochdale betrayal isn’t about the Blairite Deviationist Running Dog Tendency, it’s broad spectrum; the hard level is just as bad and arguably worse;

      “The problem with child abuse, for someone like Corbyn, is that it dosen’t slot neatly into a hard left paradigm. The various child abuse scandals raise some uncomfortable issues for the left.

      One is whether some left-wing politicians and local authorities put identity politics – gay rights, multiculturalism – above the protection of children; evidence from Islington in the 1980s to the recent child exploitation scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham suggests pretty conclusively that they did.

      Another is the failure of left-wing councils and trade unions to support whistleblowers in scandals involving the public sector – something shockingly evident in Islington, and later in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the sexual health workers and youth workers who tried to expose what was going on were ignored, derided and bullied into silence. Honest politicians on the left will acknowledge and face up to these issues, and think about how we can do things differently in the future; not ignore them.”

      In this interview here Danczuk and Baker all but admit that their motive was diversionary

      “RO – “What were your motives in writing the book?”

      SD/MB – “We wouldn’t have written it had the more recent child grooming scandals not taken place. We felt that there were many similarities in which the cases were mishandled. We thought that in some ways, there needed to be a form of exorcism and that having a paedophile as a former MP did nothing for the image of our town.””

      What they really care about is votes and perpetuating their own position

      “The first is that when “the authorities” let you down as a citizen, your natural reaction is to want to punish them at the ballot box. The Establishment in these Northern towns is almost exclusively Labour, so it is natural that they might bear the brunt of such feeling. However, there are mitigating factors: Smith was a Liberal and the abuse happened a long time ago. In the case of Rochdale, its current Labour MP Simon Danczuk has commendably left no stone unturned in surfacing abuse cases, no matter how awkward this might prove for today’s politicians. These things help.”

      as in help hold up the vote – Labour, the party which would die of shame if it were capable of that emotion.


  2. What people don’t seem to grasp is that when Thatcher, Kinnock, and then Blair took over the Labour Party, thousands of activists poured out of it. The activists, or the hard left, were the very people who could have stopped the rot and fought the abuse but took their ball home after losing the clause four vote and the Iraq war debacle. Not all! The politically correct brigade – and I will bet diamonds on one particular Councillor’s influence – were left in Rotherham with no opposition other than a bunch of numskulls who had little care, little knowledge, no experience of trade union activity and all its associated obstacles, had never swam against the current in their lives, and were there just to pick up their wages and expenses.
    The gangsters, who were the dominant forces in the council chambers up and down the country, were left with these liberal minded fools and feminists, coupled with the numskulls, had a field day. Trips abroad and to brothels were just a few of the “luxuries” they enjoyed.That’s apart from the embezzlement of ratepayers money. Some are still there!
    If anyone thinks for a minute that any of them have, or ever had, any allegiance to the mantra of the trade union and Labour movement then they are flying a kite.
    Things are changing, but we need more younger and more active members back in the party.


    • You are total right about what happen to the Labour Party, when those false prophets of New Labour took over. The party forgot its roots and pander to the wealthy elite, enriching themselves in the process. Won’t use a certain person name, because it become a dirty word for betrayal.


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