Some legal points on Simon Danczuk

The facts – The girl was 17 and yes, the age of consent is 16 but the definition of a child in Sex Offences Act and in international legislation is 18.

A child cannot consent under SOA 2003 to any sexual activity with a person in a position of trust.

That is how they get the priests, vicars, teachers and coaches.
It could be argued that an MP who was in the position of offering employment is also in a position of trust and there is case law on it.

In any event the decision of whether harm has been caused to a child is not for the NEC to decide but Childrens Services.
So they’re just blithely ignoring all the child protection stuff they have in place.

If their view is oh well she’s 17 and we’re arguing that 16 year olds should have the vote so she can look after herself – then fine change the law and let all those who’ve been sent to prison because of it be released and have their records cleaned up.”

Legal Eagle

1 thought on “Some legal points on Simon Danczuk

  1. He says tonight he never met her just contacted her on social media when he was accused of grooming her he denied it. But one could also say he would wouldn’t he. I wouldn’t want him for my MP, but then I don’t want Nutkins either, you have to wonder what kind of party is Labour becoming?
    Dave Smith


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