Rotherham trial: Girl ‘told family home would be burnt down if she didn’t go with abusers’

Rotherham trial: Girl ‘told family home would be burnt down if she didn’t go with abusers’

A Rotherham grooming gang threatened to burn down the family home of an alleged abuse victim to keep a ‘hold on her’, the girl’s mother has said.

The girl, who is one of 12 women said to have been child sexual exploitation victims in the town between the late 1980s and early 2000s, was allegedly subjected to almost a decade of abuse beginning shortly after she started secondary school.

Five men and two women deny playing roles in the alleged abuse of the girls, who are all now adults.

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Child sex abuse trial: “Asian men caught climbing through children’s home window”

A SUPPORT worker at a children’s home where an alleged child sexual exploitation victim was living found an Asian man trying to climb through a bedroom window, a court heard.

Susan Needham worked at St Edmund’s children’s home in Thurcroft and said the incident happened after she let in a white woman with blonde hair, who claimed to be the young girl’s aunt.

Ms Needham worked at the home between 1988 and 2001, starting as a domestic assistant and progressed to support worker.

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Child sex abuse trial: Defendant Arshid Hussain appears by video link following health problems

ALLEGED multiple sex offender Arshid Hussain has made his first appearance this week at the child sex abuse trial where he is accused of 30 offences.

Hussain, who denies 29 charges, has been absent from the court room since the trial began on December 8 due to health reasons.

Today Her Honour Judge Sarah Wright lifted a reporting restriction which had prevented the Press from reporting Hussain’s absence and the reason for his absence.

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Rotherham trial: Shooting of Arshid Hussain ‘was karma’, says alleged victim

The 2005 shooting of one of the Rotherham child abuse trial defendants was ‘karma’, one of his alleged victims has said.

Girl D, one of the alleged victims of Arshid Hussain, told Sheffield Crown Court she had been pleased to hear he had been shot.

It came as the jury was told for the first time earlier in the day’s hearing that Hussain had been left disabled after being shot in the abdomen in 2005.

In video evidence played to Sheffield Crown Court, the now 32-year-old woman who alleges she was sexually abused by Hussain from the age of 14 in the 1990s and then sold for sex to other men by him, said: “I’m glad he got shot, I really am.

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Rotherham trial: Brothers ‘sold underage girls for sex in Sheffield’

A Rotherham child grooming gang took underage girls to Sheffield to be sold on the street for sex, a court has heard.

One of 12 alleged victims told Sheffield Crown Court that she and her sister were among the girls brought to the city to be prostituted.

In a video interview with police played to the jury, the woman – known as Girl D – said she had been abused by defendants Arshid Hussain and Basharat Hussain from the age of 14.

The two brothers are among five men and two women who deny playing roles in the sexual exploitation of young girls in the town.

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Child sex abuse trial: Alleged victim ‘pulled into car and threatened with gun’

ONE of the ten female complainants in the child sex abuse trial claims she was threatened with a gun by an associate of the Hussain brothers and told not to speak to the police.

The 32-year-old woman is the fifth alleged child sex abuse victim to give evidence and said she was approached in Masbrough near Fernham Park by a man in a car in 2014.

She said in her police interview in March 2015 that was shown to the jury today: “He pulled me into a car, put a gun in my mouth and said ‘police have contacted you haven’t they about Ash, Bash and Bono? Open your mouth and this is what you get’.

“I was that scared I weed myself.”

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3 thoughts on “Rotherham trial: Girl ‘told family home would be burnt down if she didn’t go with abusers’

  1. I’ve heard of this particular threat before – Oxford

    “As the control moved into its next phase, the men began to threaten her if she refused to meet them. They would sit outside her home in a car or threaten to burn down the house with her family inside.”

    I think there are other examples

    Any recollections out there?


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