Labour reshuffle: Shadow ministers quit in protest

Labour reshuffle: Shadow ministers quit in protest

Three Labour MPs have quit the party’s front bench in protest at sackings made by Jeremy Corbyn in his reshuffle.

Jonathan Reynolds and Stephen Doughty quit over the sacking of the shadow Europe minister Pat McFadden.

Mr Corbyn fired Mr McFadden over “disloyalty” after he appeared to criticise his stance on terrorism.

Kevan Jones has quit his defence role over Trident after Mr Corbyn replaced pro-nuclear weapons MP Maria Eagle with unilateralist Emily Thornberry.

Labour shadow cabinet in full

Spotted for us by R Wilde.

10 thoughts on “Labour reshuffle: Shadow ministers quit in protest

  1. Big mistake by Corbyn, he should have got rid of the lot of em, especially Hilary Benn. The lot of them should get on their knees to Cameron (their leader) and beg him to let them “cross the floor” where they belong.


      • But if he got rid of the lot of them, who would he have left. Only 40 voted for him and most of those hated his guts. But it doesn’t matter who he has in his shadow cabinet, it’s not like he’s ever going to become the PM or those bums run the country.


      • Dave wouldn’t last 5 minutes in North Korea. All visitors have to bow to statues of Kim Il Jong and his father.A true socialist like Dave bows to no one. North Korea does not even come close to socialism so in the words of John Lydon “stuff your cheap comments”.


  2. Why isn’t there room for dissenting voices in Comrade Corbyn’s New and Improved Labour party?
    Is he seriously trying to create a party of robotic clones who all think and speak alike at his command?
    If, as he claims he is trying to mould a more democratic party perhaps he should read and understand the word Democracy.


    • Democracy means: democratically elected leaders and MP’s, all standing for re-selection and the right to recall, and democratically formulated policy by its members. None of which is supported by the Blairite parasites. The majority of these Tories were parachuted into safe seats and are members of right wing blocs which are financed by big business and have been bullying ordinary members of the Labour Party for decades.
      Nice to see Kippers and Cameron’s Tories coming to the defense of these cretins. The game is up though; the Genie is out of the bottle. Socialist policies are back on the agenda!


      • Democracy also means political freedom and freedom of expression which is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognised in international human rights law.
        Resorting to name calling and insults does nothing to enhance your credibility.


      • Simply as a matter of academic interest, can we clarify that you are a member of the Labour Party who is calling other Labour Party members ‘parasites’ and ‘cretins’?

        It doesn’t seem a clever way to win friends and influence people!

        However, it is interesting to learn that this is the path of true socialism. Clearly something to be avoided at all costs!


      • Just goes to show how bright labour voters are if they keep voting those labour MPs back in then. If they put a red rosette on thatcher she’d get in for labour.


  3. Janet and Colin, The comments and opinions about the Blairites are directed at the parliamentary carpetbaggers and are my personal opinion of them. They have never been democrats, they have never worked for the interests of the working classes, they work only for their own self interest and believe they have, or should have, an MP’s job for life with no accountability to the members of the party. The recent votes in the “house” are a clear example of the interests they serve; which is not the interests of our core vote. They are responsible for the annihilation of the party in Scotland and if it had not changed direction it would have, in my opinion, been wiped out in the country as a whole. As far as my credentials go, I have been an active member of the trade union and labour movement for 50 years. I have seen our class and my brothers and sisters in the unions and my comrades in the Labour Party sold out on many occasions at all levels. The Blairites welcomed back and worked with the biggest traitors (the SDP ) we have seen in recent years, whose treachery ultimately led to Thatcherism, the destruction of the miners, the mining industry and the manufacturing industry per se. They have served the bankers and the ruling class, and attempted to disenfranchise the working class and the ordinary members of the party from the party. Don’t even try to lecture me about the well being of the masses and their party. We are facing the greatest financial and economic crisis since Dickensian times, and the Blairites still serve the bosses. I have nothing but contempt for them and the people who pander to them. Let’s see your CV Janet (if it is Janet). And who are you working for?


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