3 thoughts on “Coming Out Of The Darkness – A Conference

  1. Adele Gladman, that’s interesting

    “At the time of the claims, Ms Gladman was undertaking research for a Home Office pilot. But she found her findings about the scale of sexual exploitation in Rotherham were also met with denial.
    Previously, she has only spoken anonymously.
    “What I didn’t realise was just how many whistle-blowers there had been over the years and how many opportunities to change poor practice,” she said.
    “That has cost young people their health, their happiness and in some cases their lives. That is unforgiveable.”
    Ms Gladman was based at Rotherham Council when she carried out the work for the Home Office.
    She describes being subjected to bullying and intimidation after her research found a small number of men, mainly of Pakistani heritage, were sexually exploiting a significant number of young people.
    She says the council sent her on race awareness training and effectively suppressed her report.”


    However you look at it, there’s not a great deal of light at the end of the tunnel, national media could barely bring itself to report the outcome of the Keighley trial


  2. Well well well
    I hear the labour group – who are offically the not fit for purpose council are in process of selectons

    the word on street is that some of the old crew who failed on cse and coverup are standing!!!

    who failed over 1400 young people who were abused and gang raped etc

    they failed to give duty of care to those in their care

    Failed to warñ families of the dangers and risks for many years

    Covered up the abuse for years.

    Were in denial mode and still are

    No public apology by each of the past and present cllrs

    Our Mps alleging they did not know.
    Which must be better fibs than tommy pepper or sheer incompetance not to know or another bout of the local amnesia and bullsh*t


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