A better plan for Rotherham’s future?

The Labour Party are gearing up for this years campaigning:

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15 thoughts on “A better plan for Rotherham’s future?

  1. These lot are getting so desperate Mallinder at Dinnington is holding surgeries in our Doctors surgery, see today’s Advertiser.
    Dave Smith


  2. The Only reason Rotherham looks OK is because of Government aid!
    “The cover up” of child abuse is an atrocicity on Every family in Rotherham
    Labour do not deserve another chance to run Rotherham down hill again.
    It’s a big enough embarrassment that new candidates have been “selected,”
    to be the next one sided puppets…
    It will not change the moronic nature of old fashioned, outdated time wasters!
    Rotherham needs new experienced Independent councillors to protect this town from the underlying misery that local fork understand too well.
    Rotherham people should vote for change, to a brighter, modern, organised and efficient family safe town.


  3. Their first campaign meeting will be held in the Silverwood ward! This is the ward that that Stone although resigning as Council Leader would not resign as a councillor from, and hung on without attending any meetings for another three months whilst still drawing three grand for doing nothing. This was done to prevent an election for a replacement councillor in this ward taking place. An election Labour would have surely lost and such behaviour was nothing less than holding the people of this ward in contempt and they should remember this in May.
    Is Akhtar still suspended from the Labour party, or as he been expelled, or even better deported!


  4. In the script there is the word ‘honestly’. If Labour want people to trust them, perhaps they could publish : – How many Labour councillors or Labour Party members who were also council officers or activists, were deselected, expelled, prosecuted, named-and-shamed, etc for their collective failures for over a decade ? Labour, as at this side of the road, have yet to ‘come clean’, and no lessons have been learned, so no trust is possible. Yes, there is also the Common Purpose issue, so why has Labour not come clean and published a list of all Labour Councillors, activists, council officers, etc, who are in any way associated with Common Purpose, including those in post during the years of the abuses, from both sides of the road ? As Labour always says, ‘ if you have nothing to hide…’ !


  5. Should aDoctor`s surgery, which is government funded, ( and a private business) be allowing political activity to take place on its premises. Maybe an email to the Electoral Office is in order, after all she has only started this surgery with the Election in mind. She has not been seen in Dinnington all year, so why else would she be doing this now. As for the leaflet, they are clearly panicking and expecting to lose seats, they are also carrying on with the same old bulls**t. What CSE ?. Not us Gov.


  6. Mallinder is supposed to be setting up a ‘Friends of Dinnington Practice’. Is such a group necessary when there are Patient Participation Goups. If she does as well with this as she did with the Stroke and Disabilities I will not hold my breath


  7. Rotherham borough needs breaking up into pre 1975 days, i have absolutely no allegiance with Rotherham and would never put it on my address, I live in Sheffield and not Rotherham, even though I have to pay council tax to them. on another note if people are stupid enough to vote Labour, they deserve all they get.


    • You say you recently moved to the S25 area and have no affinity or allegiance to Rotherham. You are either a Deeda, or a Deedaphile and should not be interfering in Rotherham’s affairs, If you are so Rotherhamphobic I take it you will not be voting in its Council elections in May then!


      • Hi Mal
        what are “Deeda”/ “Deedaphiles”?
        I think that S25….. is in a similar locational situation to me.
        I live in S13 – I have a Sheffield postal address, a Sheffield 0114 landline number, and perhaps confusingly to some, I pay my council tax to Rotherham.
        It can be a bit confusing, for those of us with small brains,
        …but I do vote in Rother Valley/Rother Vale elections, and see myself (correctly ?) as someone living in Rotherham’s outer fringe – but when I’m in London and the South East I simply say that my home is in South Yorkshire.


  8. Wasn’t Hoddinott responsible for a press and media blackout on CSE for all Labour councillors? How can she dare to stand for election again? Also, Baron’s daughter Amy Rushforth conveniently removed from cabinet and firing line after the reports now awaiting a supposed comeback when the commissioners have gone. She sat on the children’s services scrutiny panel for the years covered by the Jay report.


  9. RR: It doesn’t confuse me at all. Even my small brain knows the difference between a postal address and the geographic locality of an address. A Deeda is a name given to Sheffield people who are constantly disparaging about Rotherham, which S25 is constantly being. So much so to the point that he/she could be described as being Rotherhamphobic. If he/she dislikes the place so much why bother voting in the election for its council.


  10. It beggars belief that the labour party consider they are on the way back to being capable of running the borough again, we still have councillors who knew what was going on and are still in denial there are things yet that no answers have been given to and it looks like they will never be answered the people of the borough need to think hard about the future of their children.
    We did not have anyone it seems capable of taking the leaders job without bringing in someone from outside the borough no matter how many times it is mentioned the debt they have is never spoken about wether it is within limits or not half a billion pounds is a lot of money and as it is a historical debt makes it even worse. Why can’t we have the truth and some transparency from a still unfit for purpose council when are the commissioners really going to do what they were sent in to do and what assurances have we that when they leave things will not go back to what they were


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