MP Dan Jarvis ‘may not represent Labour’ if party moves to scrap Trident

MP Dan Jarvis ‘may not represent Labour’ if party moves to scrap Trident

Former Labour frontbencher Dan Jarvis has suggested he may not represent the party at the 2020 election if its policy is to scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent.

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Senior Labour MP wary of standing for election under anti-nuclear policy

Dan Jarvis says he would feel uncomfortable standing as candidate for party committed to nuclear disarmament

The former Labour frontbencher Dan Jarvis has indicated he may not stand for the party at the next general election if Jeremy Corbyn succeeds in changing policy to oppose the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons programme.

Jarvis said on Friday he would feel “deeply uncomfortable” standing as a Labour candidate on a manifesto committed to unilateral nuclear disarmament.

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7 thoughts on “MP Dan Jarvis ‘may not represent Labour’ if party moves to scrap Trident

  1. Major Jarvis should sling his hook now.
    He only won because his cronies in the right wing/ tory/ nu labour progress rabble parachuted him into Barnsley safe seat.

    He won due to a toss of a coin.

    Unlike the soldiers who slung their medals away in disgust due to the decision by him and the other warmonger MPs to bomb Syria. As in past wars its lions led by donkeys.

    Trident is a massive squandering of money that even many former heads odf armed forces agree. Over £173 billion and still rising.
    Its not wanted by the people of Scotland to be dumped on them. Its not effective against the modern threat of Isis and other groups. It is not even independent. Its controlled by yanks.
    it could never be used without armageddon.

    Its Money that could be invested in our NHS, junior docters, public services, training and manufacturing etc

    Jarvis should go now


  2. The priority is to give the skilled workers at barrow and elsewhere the chance to diversify and use their skills for the public good rather than on wmd and destruction of lives.

    Jarvis and his ilk are quite willing to let their pals feed the media and to launch an onslaught on their elected leader. Treating our members with contempt. So much for democracy from right wing progress rabble.
    As a member said
    “Does anyone know what Dan Jarvis thinks about the development of industrial relations legislation over the past 30 years? What he thinks about the role of financial services in the British economy? Or manufacturing and industrial policy? Does he generally think that private sector involvement in public services is a good or a bad thing? Would he like the British state to pursue a policy of full employment? Basically what I’m saying is that I don’t know where he stands on almost anything, other than nuclear bombs. The fact he would be seriously considered by anyone as a potential leader because he has a good back story is all the proof we need that our politics has been contaminated by the corrosive US obsession with presidential style contests.”


  3. These MPs have lost the last 2 elections on their new labour shite. They should take a reality check and smell the cofffee.
    Its hoped the nec and members decide rather than people like jarvis in the plp.


  4. Funny how he won’t stand if Labour moves to scrap Trident, but is happy for Labour to culturally destroy the UK. Doesn’t sound like he has too many principles in my eyes.


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