Ministers accused of rushing snooping laws

Ministers accused of rushing snooping laws

The government has been accused of trying to “steamroll” radical surveillance laws through parliament by refusing to give MPs and Lords more time to scrutinise its proposals.

The chairman of the joint committee on the draft investigatory powers bill asked the Home Office to reconsider the time given to his committee, but his approach was rebuffed, sources said.

One member of the committee said that the “breakneck” pace of the committee’s work was preventing proper scrutiny of the proposed laws.

The bill codifies surveillance powers for spies and the police and introduces a requirement on internet providers to retain records of their customers’ browsing activity for up to a year.

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1 thought on “Ministers accused of rushing snooping laws

  1. A CC tv camera in taxi cabs is not snooping. It’s being brought in to protect the passengers and also the driver. Of course it has the added benefit of providing a record of every fare and the drivers who want to drive legit should have no concern over this. It’s only the ones who have something to hide that have complained of intrusion.


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