CSE Conference call at just £234 per head

It reads to me as if the author is suggesting that some people are trying to monetise their knowledge?

Image and words from Regular Reader, thanks. Thanks to the Advertiser too, for covering this story.

CSE Conf

2 thoughts on “CSE Conference call at just £234 per head

  1. A sly comment from a newspaper that failed to report the abuse of children, given the vile activities described in the current trial you do have to wonder why the paper stayed silent for so long.

    Given the various sources of information swilling around the town over last 15 years even a wet behind the ears cub reporter could have joined the dots up and broke the story, instead they stood back and now publish a truly awful headline, they should hang their heads in shame.


    • Agreed. We should have 234 people joining hands and forming a guard of honour for those who enter the conference and see how many of them come “Out of the Darkness”.

      Talk is cheap let’s attend outside if we can’t afford to pay to go inside.
      The Truth


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