Lessons for Rotherham women and South Yorkshire Police from Israel about cultural change.

Lessons for Rotherham women and South Yorkshire Police from Israel about cultural change.

When German and British newspapers are full of anxious feminists commenting on maintaining law and order on the streets of Cologne and in the public swimming baths in Bornheim, and identify sex scandals’ and sexual violence as part of an endemic / diseased part of German and British cultural, the Times of Israel boldly identifies sex scandals and sexual violence as endemic in Israeli culture and when it demands change is not uneasy or nervous about identifying how this culture of sexual violence has different impacts on the various ethnic groups in Israel.

Whilst Section 95 of the Criminal Justice Act 1991 requires the Government to publish statistical data to assess whether any discrimination exists in how the Criminal Justice System treats individuals based on their ethnicity, there is no requirement to on South Yorkshire Police to identify ethnicity so it can better target and protect those who are vulnerable members of our community. Or the various ethnic communities in Yorkshire that it serves. Sexual violence follows domestic abuse just as night follows day in every culture especially in Yorkshire where our police receive twice as many calls for help for domestic abuse than the rest of the UK. Or does this fact evidence how Yorkshire women are now refusing to suffer in silence? Is the positive side to the Rotherham Scandal the creation of an expectation and a signal of cultural change or to paraphrase Merkel / Obama No you cannot in Yorkshire?

Without cultural change the HMIC’s December 2015 report on South Yorkshire Police, about how it keeps people safe and reduces crime conclusion that the force’s response to victims of domestic abuse “is a cause of concern… (i.e. it is not and never has seriously tackled this cultural issue) …to HMIC due to the lack of consistent and thorough processes,” because South Yorkshire Police “needs to improve its understanding of the nature and scale of domestic abuse…Call-handlers did not always keep victims of domestic abuse on the telephone when the perpetrator was still on the premises, thereby failing to properly protect and support the victim…the force needs to improve the quality and completion rates of its risk assessment process, and improve its recording of safeguarding, investigation, and supervisory activity in relation to domestic abuse,” means that in 2030, 30 year old survivors will be testifying about events that occurred now.

The cultural change message from Israel is “We need smarter men. Mothers need to educate their sons. I have three adult boys and none would dare make a move on a woman without asking her first. Their father was the same and we’ve been married for over 30 years.” I e The end is the means if sex is to be magical and wonderful.

Download/read police-effectiveness-vulnerability-2015-south-yorkshire



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1 thought on “Lessons for Rotherham women and South Yorkshire Police from Israel about cultural change.

  1. Rather than downloading an msWord version of the Times of Israel piece, it can be read online here:
    Interesting, … but I’m not sure of relevance to the situation in S. Yorkshire.
    The full data from the Women’s Security Index can be found here:


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