Sunday Politics – Sarah Champion appears

Sunday Politics – Sarah Champion appears

Click image to view. Sarah Champion features at 38 minutes in:


7 thoughts on “Sunday Politics – Sarah Champion appears

  1. Is this woman for real???
    Her solution to the recent floods seems to be to bring back strip farming and make pasture a thing of the past!!!
    She blithely suggests looking back 200 years. I suggest she actually gets to know the area she is representing. The area she represents is littered with reservoirs and canals that were built to support the industrialisation of the time. In stark contrast to today the major mining seams in the area had not then been sunk.
    She would appear to have no understanding of what an industrial heritage gives an area let alone the nature of the industrial heritage for the area she represents.
    If this is the best she can come up with regarding the floods then has she really got anything to offer about CSE? She shows no appetite for getting to grips with the facts and researching the subject (or any other subject) in the depth required to make any meaningful difference.
    The fact that she feels the needs to do yet another gimkicky launch seems to indicate that the much publicised queuing at the New York was nothing but a publicity stunt and evidence of failure by the political classes in Rotherham, including the MPs, to get to grips with this vile issue.


  2. Is there really any need to change peoples attitudes to cse ….. everyone and I mean EVERYONE I have spoken to agrees that the perpetrators of cse should feel the full weight of the law and have very lengthy sentences given to them …..why would she want to change this ? my own opinion is they should be hung so as not to put a burden on the tax payers of the country (but that is a different argument) ..this is just tipical sarah trying to get some credit for something … maybe it is an attempt to distance herself from the people she stood and posed with. The only people who need convincing it is wrong are the gangs of mainly Pakistani men …Oh hang on …I think I know her campaign target group.


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