Where are they now – Jane Parfrement

Where are they now – Jane Parfrement

Number one, in an occasional series of reader contributed spots, of our Rotherham escapees. Let us know if you spot information on others, Rik.

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12 thoughts on “Where are they now – Jane Parfrement

  1. Apart from highlighting the legacy Ian Thomas Rotherham’s current head of Children’s Services I’m not sure what what point this post is making.


  2. Maybe this was the reason the previous independent chair stood down.

    RLSB Annual Report

    Core issues remain unresolved, Jay and Casey recommendations. No special provisions to incorporate the safeguarding of BME children.

    No mention of direct contact with the BME communities regarding CSE, only a brief mention under the Prevent strategy which is seeking special measures to prevent terrorism, “prevent” lookout for possible perpetrators.

    Hot spot


    • OK nothing at all to do with this posting making any sense whatsoever. The chair of the LSCB stood down to take up another post not because by 31 March 2015 16 years of failure hadn’t been fixed.


      • Or he was “independently” chairing a train crash waiting to happen, why would anyone come up with a strategy (LSCB) and then step away rather than stay and see it through.

        We know 16yrs of failures can’t be resolved overnight, what seems apparent not one civil servant has shown any leadership quality, rather a perpetual merry go round has been uncovered.

        The heat gets turned up, simples! Sorry I can’t stay I have another appointment with another local authority (I’ve earned my keep, sorry Rotherham I will use you as my spring board to further my career). This may in the past have been accepted as the honourable thing to do, ask yourselves where does this leave accountability.

        Wonderful news we have another capable person coming on board (LSCB), I hope the intermediate local government civil servants can come up with coherent policies and strategies to help facilitate a better service (LSCB).


      • Jane then moved to Doncaster Borough Council as a Service Manager (Children’s Disability and Health) and later Change Manager, before returning to Derbyshire in 2007 (I’d question exactly)

        Excerpt from Jane Parfrement RMBC introduction August 2015. 

        Well she would have been in the know,  of the failures that were due to be uncovered in Doncaster,  government took over the Doncaster children’s services in March 2009. 

        After her appointment in Rotherham, she did help in closing a failing children’s home, reported by OFSTED.

        The spring board is the link below (how much!)

        Appointment of Strategic Director – Derbyshire County Council
        https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk › images


  3. Seems to me to be an awful lot of people jumping between Derby and Rotherham. Derbyshire must be a good place to live, even some of our MPs love to cross the boarder.


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