Shining Star fizzles Out

I’m concerned about Sarah Champion MP and her headless chicken impersonation; a decent centre left candidate would see me going elsewhere……Why?

Looking at her tweets over the past year she seems to have pulled back on ruthless pursuit of CSE perpetrators in Rotherham, instead preferring to talk generally about Child Sexual Abuse. Hiding our local issue in amongst the global one.

In my previous blog I pointed out that the Rotherham’s Child Safeguarding Group have in effect ignored the three Jay recommendations pertaining to the Kashmiri …and equally Sarah is silent about them, and the failure to implement the recommendations.

I counted to over a hundred charities and NGO working on the different aspects of Child Sexual Abuse …there are loads, even before we get to the obvious ones, ChildLine, Barnardo’s, Apna al Haq, the Womens Aid movement, THORN and so on.

So what does our Sarah do? Start up another one…Dare2Care……

Her new campaigns web site one can only describe it as bland…best summarised by the photo on web page It appears to come straight from Brookside, or a video promo for a soulful bhangra band. In the land of Sarah it seems abusers and abused come from the beautiful people category of central casting.

Apparently Dare2Care will “facilitate debate about how we can challenge child abuse” and it will “unpack” a variety of questions and issues …don’t you love that term “unpack.” All meaningless drivel that fails to say what Dare2Care will bring to the party, other than act as a sop to Sarah’s ego.

There are some really good anti CSE organisations and web sites…look at Dare2Care and then ChildLine’s Then ask what does Sarah’s add?

So why oh why Sarah? The site looks silly, frivolous and lightweight. Why not throw your weight behind one of the other organisations? Unity is after all strength.

Already rumours are flying around.

Is it her post Parliament career she’s building?

Or is she hiding CSE Rotherham style in among the forest of a term, Child Sexual Abuse. A part of the smoke screen of denial, and a way of not appearing hypocritical when no longer focusing on Rotherham’s problem of grooming gangs and organised crime. A sop to her guilt about avoiding the local problem.

And a last point…why did she release the story on “The Progress” web site? Progress being the Labour affiliated organisation once known as New Labour, and the brainwave of Mandelson, Blair and Labour’s right wing. Is it penance for nominating Corbyn?

My guess is that Sarah’s real motivation will be “unpacked” over the next six months.


Previously: Denial of Child Sexual Exploitation Perpetrators: History repeats itself, first as tragedy then as farce

14 thoughts on “Shining Star fizzles Out

  1. Champion, was an irrelevance, before she became an MP. She was an Irrelevance, when the scandal finally broke. She has now become an embrassment, for associating with undesirables. Best thing for her, is to be out of sight, out of mind.


    • Its as though she has something to hide!!
      She looked a bit matronly last week on TV.

      Campaign to prevent child abuse –
      maybe catching those who abused in Rotherham will help.
      Sarah Challenges Government on FMG Prevention –
      Very noble cause – does it happen in Rotherham?
      Ermmm – Maybe she should look at Criminal Offences in Rotherham


      OMG – She’s spreading herself around like mad dogs sh*te.

      Why doesn’t she just start in the constituency to which she was parachuted into – it really looks suspicious that she’s dumped her election canvassers and looks to be hiding in Westminster to pretend Rotherham’s corruption didn’t happen.

      Dare to Care or Dare U Care?


  2. NewLabour + problems of their own creation: cathartic placebo, damage limitation, semantic gymnastics, reputation management, tortuous linguistics, suppression + containment, vacuous diatribe, self-interest, verbal diarrhea, perception creation, do nothing – and so on. RMBC politicians shall never be held to account ( as this side of the street ) so the Labour Party traitors in ‘Progress’ who are hell-bent on sabotaging Corbyn and Labour should be purged from the party. Spine, anyone?


  3. Was there a photograph of her on a social media site of her and the Deputy Leader at one of his many family members wedding?

    The one with her dressed in some form of faux Asian outfit.

    She has moved on from the Rotherham CSE scandal as she needs the block vote


  4. One gets the impression that she’s trying to appear all caring and concerned without actually getting her hands dirty. Remember the teddy bear – a laughable attempt to ‘raise awareness of child sexual abuse’ in parliament? The people of Rotherham (or even UK for that matter) don’t need any more awareness, and they don’t need any more charities. We need someone who will deal with it.
    Effective prosecutions, deterrents, punishments, and ‘Justice Seen to be Done’ will go a long way to restoring faith in the authorities responsible (and incidentally put an end to any further EDL demonstrations in the town).


      • What, exactly is happening now?

        We have a trial of a historic sex exploitation case, that would never have come to light if not for the work of Andrew Norfolk….one that shows the Police, the CPS and the Council in a dreadful light

        We have a Labour Group that is desperately trying to kid itself into thinking that it was anything other than shamed and forced into employing Jay, and then got the shock of its life when she revealed the truth.

        A Kashmiri community still in denial and their politicians in a conspiracy to protect their reputation at the expense of the truth, and kidding their people into believing everything is fine and their young men are all heroes,

        And an MP who obtained nation recognition because of the publicity she gained from the Jay report, but who now finds it easier to talk about the “wider picture” and the “global situation”, than focus upon the real issues in her own community. She ain’t no Anne Cryer.

        I will ask again…what is being done by the Safeguarding Board about these three Jay recommendations?

        Recommendation 12: There should be more direct and more frequent engagement by the Council and also the Safeguarding Board with women and men from minority ethnic communities on the issue of CSE and other forms of abuse

        Recommendation 13: The Safeguarding Board should address the under-reporting of sexual exploitation and abuse in minority ethnic communities.

        Recommendation 14: The issue of race should be tackled as an absolute priority if it is a significant factor in the criminal activity of organised child sexual abuse in the Borough.

        Tell me please.


  5. We hear about all the benefits of multiculturalism, but how much has the CSE cost us in money, police time that could have been spent else where and damage to 1400 girls life’s and their families. Imagine how much trash could have been removed from the streets of Rotherham borough with the money they are using to clean up this blot in the history of Rotherham. I bet the eventual cost of this is £10’s of millions, how many I would like to know?


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