PC culture ‘ignores abuse of women’

PC culture ‘ignores abuse of women’

Handwringing liberals have focused too much on multiculturalism and failed to speak out against forced marriage and other abuses against women, according to the chairwoman of a government review on integration.

Louise Casey said last night that political correctness had led to people forgetting to talk about equal rights for women. “I am not happy that women growing up in this country are not treated as equals by everyone,” she told a meeting at Policy Exchange, the centre-right think tank. “This is not a Muslim issue. It is an equality issue.”

On forced marriages, Ms Casey, who is due to produce the first findings of the review in March, said: “They bloody happen. They are appalling. We let some of them happen because we are so wrapped up in political correctness, in wanting a multicultural Britain, that we forgot to talk about equality, we forgot to talk about equal rights, we forget that a girl at the age of eight is being promised to someone else.”

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/politics/article4674427.ece


7 thoughts on “PC culture ‘ignores abuse of women’

  1. A local service provider recently has had funding withdrawn, on the basis the “PC brigade” recognised they were providing a similar rehousing service as the PC brigades preferred rehousing “partner”.

    The local service provider wasn’t providing housing in general, but the protection of vulnerable people who Casey is talking about in the excerpt above.

    The decisions made recently include our PC commissioners, sent here with love on the back of the same Casey’s report, oh the irony!


  2. Well said Louise Casey. Bang on, in terms of identifying the hypocrisy and crocodile tears shed by many about equality and women.

    It leaves us with the big question as to why do so many self professed feminists of the centre and left keep quiet on the subject of misogyny in the Kashmiri community, suggesting that even to raise the issue is racist.

    I confirms two views I have of some Labour Party feminists:

    1. They are ultimately middle class, who themselves have access to great education, housing, opportunity and live in nice areas; only visiting theless priveleged as voyeurs to experience a real live soap opera. Sadly one with real victims.

    2. That they have ultimately let down the financially and educationally deprived women, who are at the receiving end of misogynistic males worst behaviours.



  3. she might be good at going in these places (Rotherham) etc and discovering things but she not very good at seeing them threw. she said a lot of things should be done in Rotherham but they have not. it seems everything as been swept under the carpet and now most of the Sh– that new wot was going on in Rotherham are coming back into power..


  4. “she might be good at going in these places (Rotherham) etc and discovering things but she not very good at seeing them threw.”

    Eh??? Louise Casey was asked to make a report, So she made a report. It was honest, it was highly critical of both RMBC and SYP and it made a number of recommendations. That the criticisms have been largely ignored and the recommendations she made in that report haven’t been taken up by RMBC is not her fault, is it? She’s not employed by RMBC, and RMBC were not under any obligation to implement her recommendations. So what, exactly, has she not seen through?

    As far as I’m concerned she’s done her bit, it’s the dinosaurs at RMBC who are letting the whole town down.


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