Council tax rise approved in bid to help cash-strapped South Yorkshire Police

Council tax rise approved in bid to help cash-strapped South Yorkshire Police

A 3.3 per cent increase to South Yorkshire Police’s share of council tax was approved today as the force attempts to plug a £10.5 million funding black hole.

The extra money raised from tax-payers, equivalent to £5 a year for owners of a Band D property, will raise £1.6 million in revenue and was given the green light by members of the police and crime panel.

Despite this, recent projections show that some 55 police officers and 214 support staff roles will be cut from the force by April 2017.

Police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings said the police panel “recognised that we have little choice if policing, especially neighbourhood policing is to be maintained effectively”.

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12 thoughts on “Council tax rise approved in bid to help cash-strapped South Yorkshire Police

  1. Neighbourhood policing maintained? In Dinnington we have lost the police station, no police officers and no PCSOs so we have no street patrols at all, perhaps Billings would like to come and explain to us how he has maintained our neighbourhood policing.
    Dave Smith


    • I agree ….where I live off road motor cyclists ride around without fear of being caught because there is no police presence … if the increase in council tax is so that policing is to be maintained effectively …. I would question the use of the two words … maintained effectively. If Billings means tax goes up to pay for the same standards .. then I say we are being robbed of a service . I do not know about anyone else but I have lost all faith in the police and have no respect for them .. they are only interested in motoring offences because it is easy to extract money with the threat of losing our licenses because we can easily be traced .


    • You have answered my question Dave, as I have not seen any PCSO’s patrolling along Victoria St for a few weeks. However if you venture down to Buckingham palace, you will find at least 30 armed police guarding the undemocratic institution at Buckingham palace. There is the money, but they prefer to spend protecting those in Whitehall.


      • Stopped voting Tory back in the 1990’s due to their unfair practices, even though I was doing very well nicely. However I don’t agree with the Labour parties unfair positive discrimination to minorities and females.


      • “Stopped voting Tory back in the 1990’s”

        Miners Strike: 1984-5
        Poll tax introduced England: 1990
        So what persuaded you to finally stop voting Tory?
        “…. even though I was doing very well nicely.” £100,000+ a year?


      • “…. even though I was doing very well nicely.” £100,000+ a year?

        I worked all around London in 1990’s, especially in the city area. Even then I was seeing ethnic cleansing of London. One day I got on the Neasden underground and was the only white person, it shocked me to say the least. After that I started voting for the Referendum party.

        I just believe in a fairer society for all, based on contribution and ability, not down to biased positive discrimination. The quickest way to social mobility would be to remove the unelected King and Queen. I also believe that we need to take the unfair power London has and distribute across the other 8 major cities, this will also stop the economy burning out.

        I find both the Labour and Conservative models of government, as warped. I vote UKIP for one reason, to get the EU vote. Once we have voted to leave the EU, we can start to build the country from the ground up.


      • I worked in the City of London from 1975 to 1986 and from 1988 to 1990 (at least that is what my CV tells me.)
        Now if you had given your observations on the Sylhet Bangladeshi community down in Tower Hamlets – right on the edge of City, well OK, but , “on the tube to Neasden” sorry, I had to look up where Neasden was ,
        “Once nicknamed ‘the loneliest village in London’, Neasden is now a characterless suburb sliced in two by the North Circular Road and separated from Wembley by the River Brent”.
        Hope you enjoyed your time there!
        (I googled “Neasden demographics” but didn’t get anything useful back).

        London is different from the rest of UK, for a start it is very prosperous, and it has a long long history of absorbing immigrant communities.
        “ethic cleansing” – you just don’t have any understanding of what those words mean.


  2. Some background
    On 25 November we read that “Spending Review: George Osborne protects police funding.”
    It was only on the 17 December, that we found out that police funding from Central Government was actually decreasing and the Local Authority Precept was needing to increase by 3.8% to make up the shortfall:
    This was what PCC Billings rightly describes as “misleading” here:
    IN the previous 2 years Central Government funding to SYPolice had decreased by £19m.


    • South Yorkshire area as a whole should not be struggling because it’s affordable bit if they are struggling they have never thought of building reserves for last 25 years and you can see that the above has never happened


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