‘Freedom Riders’ push for free South Yorkshire rail travel for elderly

‘Freedom Riders’ push for free South Yorkshire rail travel for elderly

A South Yorkshire group has called for the region’s travel body to reinstate free rail travel for the elderly after it revealed a predicted £2m underspend.

Freedom Riders pushed for free travel for older and disabled people after South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) cut grants in 2014.

It now says the surplus on SYPTE’s concessionary travel budget means it should restore rail concessions.

SYPTE said the changes to concessionary travel would not be reversed.

Due to cuts in funding, SYPTE cut free travel on buses during peak hours and removed concessionary rail travel in 2014.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-35410494

8 thoughts on “‘Freedom Riders’ push for free South Yorkshire rail travel for elderly

  1. They are lucky to get half price travel. Plenty of low income families struggle to travel – I would rather they get the half price travel instead of pensioners who could catch a bus, after all they have all day to do so


    • How do you know they have all day to catch a bus? Many pensioners are caring for partners and spouses that have major health problems (which can be a full time job) and simply don’t have the time at their disposal you suggest they have. You’re making assumptions you are not entitled to make!


    • Pay the pensioners a decent pension and they wouldn’t need to ask for concessions. They have one of the worst pensions in the EU.


      • Malcontent.
        A nice throwaway comment. So I’ll do the same…….
        What would be decent according to you?
        How much extra tax would you personally be willing to pay to finance it?


  2. It can be afforded without any extra tax. Cut the waste, oh and haven’t they just announced an underspend of £2 million. Remember pensioners have paid into the system all their working lives and are not newly arrived immigrants with their hands held out. If you live long enough you might become one, and you’ll not be so quick then with the glib remarks inferring they’re scroungers.


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