Champion progresses further – Cruel, unfair and discriminatory

Cruel, unfair and discriminatory

The recent ruling of the Court of Appeal confirmed what Labour, local councils, charities and campaign groups have been saying since the ‘bedroom tax’ was first introduced – it unfairly discriminates against society’s most vulnerable people.

The case involved a woman who had fled the most extreme domestic violence. She is a victim of rape, and had been harassed and stalked by a former partner who had threatened to kill her. Thousands of pounds have been spent by the police reinforcing her home’s security and fitting a panic room with links to the local police station. The panic room was deemed to be a spare room and therefore subject to the ‘bedroom tax’, costing the woman an additional £12 per week.

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1 thought on “Champion progresses further – Cruel, unfair and discriminatory

  1. In this case, the local authority could have and should have exempted her from the tax but of course this is all political. I have just been told of a lady living in Council housing in Yorkshire. She lives alone in a 3 bedroomed property and pays NO Council Tax or Rent! How fair is this to young families wanting a home? Come on, it’s just like the Pole Tax which was the fairest way of people paying for local services as it depended on how many WORKING people lived in a property but Labour Councils were determined not to make it work and completely failed in their duty to collect this tax. They are a disgrace!!


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