10 thoughts on “All Together Stronger

  1. Just how much is the ineptitude of this council going to cost future generations a council who vote through proposals without even seeing any figures as to what may happen in the future is still unfit for purpose and as such should have NO powers given back to them the commissioners are as much to blame for not carrying out their job well enough


  2. Xinsider asks ” Remember his first action on being appointed ??”
    It’s a stupid question, since none of us were there; but I can imagine him explaining to his wife that for the next few years, he was going have a hell of a hard job on his hands, sorry!
    His current job, a real challenge, is something that will either make him or break him.
    … and, since he did take it on; for Rotherham’s sake , I hope it makes him.
    The staff recruitment advertisement linked to above is significant in many ways.
    – It was not something put together within RMBC (…and this is not a criticism of the RMBC website maintainers – who are better than most local authority web teams.).
    – It was designed and built by a seriously professional organisation – TMP.Worldwide, – these guys: http://www.tmpw.co.uk/ they are the best.
    It’s a good site they built – particularly given that it had to answer the challenge of how to recruit new good people to come to work in Rotherham – given what has been happening here.


  3. I don’t want to pour water on Ian Thomas’ efforts to professionalise his department, it is an excellent website and hopefully does what it is supposed to do; attract candidates who might be interested in working for RMBC.
    The post from rr sums up the challenges for Ian Thomas, ‘particularly given that it had to answer the challenge of how to recruit new good people to come to work in Rotherham – given what has been happening here.’ Therein lies the problem.
    There is a trend to offer high salaries to encourage candidates who have the necessary qualifications and attributes to work in Rotherham and it is a double edged sword IMV because this council has history when it comes to offering the ‘right’ people highly paid positions for which they were/are totally unsuitable eg: Thacker/Stone/Lakin and Collins.
    Offer anyone sufficient inducements and they will take the job-even if they have no intentions of staying more than 2/3 years-so they can walk away with a hefty contribution to their pension pot and resurface in another area (or Country)

    Colour me cynical.


    • Many of us know people who work for this troubled council. Word is this campaign is attracting new people and it’s a reflection of that department’s increasing professionalism. Early days and jury still out but encouraging signs. As for people who come and go not sure those cited by you Colin were paid an extraordinary wages to join?


  4. RR the website is much better than it was but reading the comments I must agree with Colin no disrespect to the incoming officers but its who they have to work with it is to be hoped they get the backing to do the job that is needed. We still need the councillors who still deny any wrongdoing to admit they are wrong we all want things to be put right for the sake of future generatiions


  5. Thacker was paid £130k pa-plus her £40k payoff.
    Roger Stone received the basic allowance of £12,130 but is then rewarded with a special responsibility allowance of £32.170, giving him an annual gross income of £44,300.
    Kimber was paid £160k pa.

    I cannot find salary information for Lakin and Collins but as Head of Legal Services it would be fair to say that Jacqui Collins’ salary would be circa £100k pa.


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