Rotherham’s mobile Polling Station?

The photo below was, I believe, taken last year.

Those pictured left to Right are, Mohammad Mahroof, Sajid Bostan, Abrar Hussain and Amin Sabir. Further information on those depicted would be appreciated, either leave a comment or email Rik.

One can only imagine what this image depicts? Labour’s ‘get out the vote’ team, perhaps? Readers may have their own views, please leave a comment.

Mobile Polling Station

11 thoughts on “Rotherham’s mobile Polling Station?

  1. Surely this photograph demonstrates the whole point of the biraderi block vote: this lot will vote on behalf of everyone else.

    Machine politics and a spoil system. Politicians, police, and planning: a wholly corrupt nexus.


  2. They are outside the polling station (just out of shot) on Brunswick Road. Must be about 2013 as it hasn’t been used as a polling station for the last couple of years.


    • The same has happened since 2013, but elsewhere in Boston C…they position the sign n about 25 yards away from the entry to the site, and accost any Pakistani voters who approach..not saying a word to any white voters…they are there to ensure the vote goes as planned by the Mosque candidates.
      Check it out come May, Robin.

      Note the enforcer centre left..he won’t be there in May thank heavens.


    • L-R Mohammed Mahroof current serving Labour councillor at Sheffield City Council.

      Sajid Bostan We all know who he is.

      Ibrar Hussain current serving councillor at Sheffield City Council.

      Amin Sabir Jackos fast food one of the dirty dozens Ghandies. Who was involved with Wellgate Riots.


  3. This has gone on for years with this filth. They also have rigged the postal vote in this Borough for decades, all with the full co-operation of RMBC Labour Group and Kimber, when he was Chief Exec. This lot could corrupt a dog turd!!


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