Read gets out the begging bowl

Council leader’s cuts plea to Government

COUNCIL leader Chris Read has urged the Government not to make Rotherham’s cuts worse by bowing to pressure from other authorities.

Changes to the allocation formula meant some county councils — mostly Tory-led — were hit with a surprise extra reduction this year.

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15 thoughts on “Read gets out the begging bowl

  1. As I read it, it is the Tory-run County Councils who are getting the begging bowls out.
    Sample pip-squeaks:
    “Tory council complains to David Cameron over ‘unrealistic’ budget cuts”

    “Somerset County Council could be putting up its council tax for the first time in six years”

    Sigoma members ( ) are simply concerned that if the funding settlement is reopened to satisfy those tory councils, they would bear even greater cuts.


  2. “bleat, Bleat” Its the nasty Tory cuts again. He will never own up to the fact, that whilst everyone is having cuts, its actually his Labour Council that have the final decision on who has the cuts. So when your Parents or Grandparents are being asked to “fork out” for even more care, ask how much are the RMBC Cllrs going to reduce their allowances. (Watch the spin on “inflation” etc)
    If RMBC can lend out millions of pounds to private business ventures, then they cannot “Bleat” about cuts to anyone.


  3. Readers might have more sympathy with Coun. Read if his Council had been performing well during all those years when the funding was going up. RMBC would not now be facing greater pressures in child protection if it had never allowed the situation outlined in the Jay Report to have happened in the first place.


  4. Stop the Press, news from this weeks Tiser, Our very own Leader, the leader of the Party for the People, has announced that 21 “lollipop Ladies” are to be axed in order to save a measly £25,000. Strange that most of them seem to be in the South of the RMBC area. So there you have it, an Election pledge just before the all out Elections, YOUR KIDS ARE NOT SAFE WITH US. STILL not seen the press release saying Cllrs allowances are to be cut !!!


  5. Because you have to subscribe to the llnk rr gave here’s part of the statement from Greg Clark in the HoC ..
    “To help councils transform from dependence on central government grants to greater financial autonomy, local government will receive £300 million transitional funding over the next 2 years, after which other resources will grow.
    The settlement also recognises the importance of funding adult social care, with up to £3.5 billion of additional funds being made available to local government for these services by 2019 to 2020.
    “Today, Mr Clark also implemented a number of suggestions that councils have made during the course of the consultation: councils with the sharpest grant reductions will receive £150 million a year in transitional funding for each of the first 2 years of the settlement, easing the pace of funding reductions – in line with recommendations from the County Councils Network and the Local Government Association in recognition of the particular costs of providing services in sparse rural areas, the Rural Services Delivery Grant will increase from £15.5 million this year to £80.5 million next year. This is in addition to the transition grant and, taken together makes available an extra £93.2 million to rural councils in 2016 to 2017, and means that there is no increase in the gap in government funding per head between urban and rural areas the government will conduct a review of what the needs assessment formula should be in a world in which all local government spending is funded by local resources not central grant.”

    Interest rate is 0.5% and inflation is currently 0.2%
    Therefore no council has any excuses to raise Council Tax/Precept. There is not and cannot be any justification to increase local taxes at the present time of low inflation and low productivity.

    Does Chris Read and the majority Labour councillors live on permanent overdrafts and ask the banks to ‘consolidate’ their debts when they are unable to manage their personal budgets? Or do they keep taking out extra loans in the hope ‘things will improve’?
    Same old Labour mantra; Tax and spend.
    No change there.


      • Colin
        “Therefore no council has any excuses to raise Council Tax/Precept. There is not and cannot be any justification to increase local taxes at the present time of low inflation and low productivity.”

        Non sequitur .


    • Colin,
      Just to clarify:
      The Interest rate of 0.5% you are referring to is the current overnight rate that the BoE lends money to banks in the clearing system whose account with the BoE would otherwise be in overdraft at that end-of-day. (that’s a bit of a simplification, but it should suffice for here, but if you want to know more about the subject – just ask.)
      That rate is not available to you, me, or Local Authorities.

      You can find rates from the PWLB to Local Authorities here: with an explanation of the terms used etc are here:
      So a ten year loan with repayment of principal at maturity would be at an interest rate of 2.54% as at today.

      The inflation rate of 0.2% you refer to,is the Consumer Price Index, the Retail Price Index is at 1.2%, and public sector wage inflation was growing at 1.7% in November 2015 .–earnings.html
      Although I know little about Local Authority finance etc , – it is a labour-intensive business, so I would have thought that wage inflation at 1.7% pa was a better measure of pressure on their finances that either the CPI or RPI.


  6. It appears that Councillor Read was correct.

    Yesterday’s local government finance settlement announcement included a new Transition Fund.

    County Councils will get 72.7% of the Fund, whereas Metropolitan Districts will get 1.6%.

    The only Metropolitan Districts to receive funding will be Trafford (Conservative-controlled), Solihull (Conservative-controlled) and Stockport (No Overall Control, Liberal Democrat-led).

    The SE Region will receive 37.6% and the East of England will receive 17.8% of the Fund. This contrasts with NE (0.2%), NW (6%) and Yorkshire and Humberside (3.3%).

    I’m sure it was all objectively assessed and fairly decided.


  7. I see that the Guardian has picked up on the story now:
    “Cameron ‘buying off’ Tory MPs theatening to rebel over council cuts
    Labour says its analysis shows most of new £300m fund to ease funding cuts to local government will go to Tory-run councils”
    “David Cameron’s county council in Oxfordshire will get an additional £9m to ease the cuts over the next two years”


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